Wednesday, March 3, 2010

As requested

A few of you have asked me to post pictures of the sewing projects I completed in this post, so here they are finally.
#1: the pants with the hole in the butt

I altered these from flares to straight leg

view from behind. you can't even tell there is was a hole!
#2 Chile/fat jeans I converted to skinny

sorry the picture quality isn't that great:)

The jacket was one I got from forever 21 and all i did was sew the hole closed. not really exciting:)

For some other projects I've been working on....
we went from this showerhead in our bathroom (imagine being sprayed by a hose 50ft away and that was what it felt like) 
to this one:

sooo much better:) and it was worth the $14.00 at Lowes
I submitted this dress 

to THIS contest. What do you think?

bytheway, countdown to Arizona trip is T-minus 8 days...
and I found this cuute little number

that will accompany me. it looks better on me of course!


Katie King said...

That is such a cute swimsuit! Have fun on your trip. I think your dress is ADORABLE!!!!! I hope you win :)

Rebekah said...

Ok your dress is so cute!! Love it. You're a crafty inspiration. My mom got me a little sewing machine for Christmas aaaand it's still in the box. No idea how to use it whatsoever. I should get on that! And ps I love your cute swim suit! Where did you get it?

Jessica said...

all i can say is that you are amazing... i LOVE LOVE your hot ruffle dress! totally impressive!! and the no-hole jeans... what hole? ... bravo! love ya!

Jayce and Sarah Porter said...

That dress is darlinggg!!!!!!

Grace Hart said...

Yay! I can't wait- love the suit, super cute! And the dress- omg, it's amazing! Love ya!

Ben and Ash Rasmussen said...

That dress is fantastic! Dang girl, you are so creative!