Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I walked out of work yesterday and there was this little note stuck on my windshield that was the cutest thing ever:

You are so beautiful,

At work you are dutiful,

I really do love my dear

I wish always you could be with me

When I see you my heart leaps,

I want always you to keep,

Truly a gift from above,

You'll always have my love.

Love Tyler

Anyone who knows my amazing boyfriend knows that he is the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful person ever! And if you didn't, this is proof!:)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


if you could go to prom again...what would your dress look like??

Friday, April 25, 2008


I just went and saw Step up 2, and of course now I want to go dancing. You have to watch this video:) Tell me if you don't love dancing after watching this. It's always so hard for me to sit and watch these dance movies without going dancing myself...I love ALL kind of dancing:) check out the video of the last's so awesome. talk about a sexy combination of rain, hip hop, and break dancing. crazy neat.

This video is of Take the lead, the last dance competition. A little different than hip hop, but totally sweet all the same.

All I have to say is that dancing rocks. I could dance all day, every day. It's the best kind of exercise, it's fun, and can be totally sexy too.:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

politiks: from the mouth of Dick Cheney: "I have no doubt we are in the midst of a global warming. Or, as I prefer to call it, spring."

well I was going to write about nice pleasant things, like being done with finals, but that was before I read an article about the current race for President 2008....not that I haven't been keeping up with the candidates, but it just seems like it is the same old same old day after day. Turn on Fox News and its contention conversations are in abundance. Ever since romney dropped from the campaign it's been hard to keep my interest because we all know clinton and obama don't even have a platform. I see Clinton attacking Obama and Obama leading a movement online...who can we best trust in the White House? Oh why did Romney leave??

But besides the point, if campaigning and politiking wasn't annoying enough, there is now a technique called "microtargeting": what the heck does that mean? well, the process involves getting all the information (some of it sensitive) from voters so that they can know who you are and try to push your buttons to choose whoever they want. We already know that our lives aren't as private as we think they are, the NSA makes sure of that.

I read in this article that "voters, who have no idea of what campaigns know about them, can be unfairly manipulated." Meaning, that because campaigners know details about voters they can direct specific messages to them based on information such as financial status. "That's troubling, but the real problem with isn't its practice, but the way it embodies how overpolled and overcalculated our elections have become. How can a candidate be great if his or her targets are micro?"

nothing gets my blood boiling like uniformed voters who think they know what they're talking about when they lobby for candidates. For example, Democrats....the only thing they ever say is how current policies are failing, but never suggest alternative solutions. that is no basis for a platform. Why do they vote against when there's nothing they stand for?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


¿Has oído el caso de ese fugitivo que secuestró un autobús de turistas japoneses?
La policía tiene 5.000 fotos suyas.

Monday, April 21, 2008

my first time

It's my first time with this whole blog thing. but I think it might work out. finals are almost finished. and I am so super duper excited. I think that I'll just explain the reason behind the madness of blogging. I figured that this summer was going to be long and boring if I didn't have something to keep me occupied...besides the whole taking biology and marriage prep...working...choose to give stuff...and my excellent boyfriend.

Recibi una carta de mi companera hoy dia...esta manana. ella va a estar en Provo la proxima semana, y estoy tan animada!!!! no la he visto desde que dijo que ella corto su pelo...era tan corta se...aqui esta: (la izquierda)

Despues de posting eso foto, decidi que necesitaba post mas de Chile.....aqui estan:El presidente Duncan con su esposa...y yo:) La casa de la mision era un embassy antes y es grande!!! hay nanas alla....quiero uno en mi hogar algun dia.
mi distrito....que bueno hermanita miller, y los elderes aguero y riquelme!