Monday, June 30, 2008

just another day in the life of...

I don't know what my deal is, but I've been Horrible at posting the last little while. I decided I should post a preview of our engagement photos...thought they'd be humorous to say the very least. Pretty much my life the past month has been BORING. I've been working 9 hour plus days, planning wedding stuff (although it's exciting, it's difficult when my fiance is in a whole different STATE), and trying to remember to exercise so I can fit in my dress come August. Like today, I'm turning down yummy yummy pizza for a salad with a little bit of chicken and honey mustard dressing. It's hard but I know I'll be so grateful when I lose 5 pounds!

On another note, I can't believe it's already the week of July 4th. The good news is that it's only a 4 day week, but sad news that I can't spend it with Tyler. If anyone is wondering, I miss him, can't live without him, and hate being away from him. Sorry if I'm a little whiney. oh well.

On a very happy note, I talked with my parents from Chile (Dan and Anne Smith) and they're going to join me when I go through the temple when I go for the first time. I can't wait to see them and show them how happy I am!! yay!

This last weekend we went to the lake with our wave runners and that was really fun. the funniest part was when we hooked up the tube and put Hayden on it with Rachel and Jared and then went. We hadn't tried this before and before we even got going, Hayden went head first into the water. He was sputtering and crying, but we convinced him to try again. Sure enough, like 10 seconds later, he went over again...this time he held on and was being dragged for a bit. Rachel finally pried him off and made him let go, but this time he was furious and crying because he had swallowed a bunch of water and he was scared.

ok, well enough for now I's a ton of pics and I want comments on your favorites!!! (click on photo to view more pics)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pictures of the newly engaged couple

So Tyler and I went to this wedding at the Airforce Academy Chapel and it was beautiful of course, but we wanted to make our own statement, so we took an artistic picture, and a fantastic picture of us kissing in front of the chapel.
The whole drive to the wedding was quite hilarious actually because my dad was driving and he thought he knew where he was going, and he always tries to take short cuts, but he nor my mom knew and I was way too focused on Tyler to pay attention because I know where to go....well we ended up turning up past the cadet housing and my dad tried to make a joke to this guard saying that the chapel was hard to find. The guard (she) just got on his case about how he ran this stop sign we didn't even dad said sorry so quickly it was funny! The guns on her weren't intimidating whatsoever. The worst part was that we were late because my dad was working in the yard too long and then we ran into traffic...needless to say it's a good thing I had Tyler with me otherwise I might have cared that we walked into the Chapel after the wedding had already started. It was a short ceremony actually and the only real excitement came when her son, standing as a sentinel, fainted right before they poured the sand;) My father characteristically ended our event by saying we were NOT going to attend the following reception (with food of course;() Here's the good pics of Tyler and me...

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well I've been waiting a month for this day...the day I get to write on my blog that I'M ENGAGED!!!!!! Officially. So here's how the awesome day went: After a long week of being apart (our first week ever) I was pretty lonely and kept on texting Tyler on Friday and was getting pretty mad that he wasn't responding. He told me he was golfing with Adam and didn't have cell reception...but little did I know he was on a plane coming to Colorado to surprise me!!! Well my mom's birthday is Sunday and she wanted to have a picnic up at this beautiful park so she loaded us all into the car and we drove over there. Well it was fantastic because we were all just admiring the beautiful landscape when Derek shouts: Look there's Tyler! I turned around and there he was walking toward me coming out of the forest. I screamed and threw my hands to my face because I was so surprised. We walked over to these steps of an amphitheater that overlook the lake and he knelt down and asked me to marry him. I of course said emphatically that I couldn't stop saying yes. He showed me the ring and I about keeled over because it was so beautiful and huge! I am so excited to be marrying my bestest friend in the whole world. Tyler is SO AWESOME!! Here's some pics: