Wednesday, May 27, 2009

secret project

I haven't been posting because every weekend I've been busy working on a secret project...ok, well it's not really a secret, but I'm actually thinking of starting my own business. I need some ideas for a name, and here's the product:)


Monday, May 11, 2009


Mi madre es fantastica! y la madre de Tyler tambien....bueno, (I just realized I was writing in Spanish and that most of you wouldn't be able to understand what I was talking about...My apologies...) I made some fantastic gifts for my moms for Mothers' Day: For mom Ashby I surprised her with a new temple dress...the history with this gift is that she not only made my temple dress I was married in, but also my wedding dress I took all my pictures in. She is an amazing seamstress...I am not. However, she rarely does anything for herself and has been wearing the same temple dress since the 80's. Not only is her dress out of style (not most important), but doesn't fit her very well. So, I made one to look EXACTLY like the one she made me. Now we are twinners:) It is very flattering on her and has just the right touch of embellishment...Also, before anyone is too impressed, I actually bought the white dress from WhiteElegance and then took off all the stuff they had on the dress and put my own pearls and stuff on.:)

For Tyler's madre, I made her a cute apron. She has some aprons and bought me one of those Flirty Aprons for our wedding, I thought it turned out ADORABLE.

Also, since I was on a sewing rampage, I decided to try to replicate this cute skirt is my sister modeling the final product:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My beautiful sister

I was waiting to post until Mothers' Day because I wanted to post pictures of my "projects", but I got home to Colorado and realized my younger sister, Erin, hasn't seen her wedding pictures at all...I decided to help her by making an album and posting some of my favorites here. We had the same photographer and you can notice some similarities:

I tried to post more, but was unsuccessful, so here's the link to the album: