Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy March

18 months

Time sure does fly. Our little one is now 18 months. (stats to come after pending dr. appt)

She is doing pretty well in nursery, we can leave her for most of it and she doesn't get too sad until the end. No matter when church is it interrupts a nap it seems:) She is quite the picky eater, but, I know I just need to keep offering her over and over the good stuff until she figures out she likes it.

Pickles, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, jello, all types of berries (including black!), pasta, juice, cookies, crackers, cereal, oatmeal, bread, pb&j sandwhiches, rice, onions, lemons, limes, french fries and all things potatoes, diet coke (who gives that to her???), bananas, soup, ice cream, lolipops
Doesn't Love:
broccoli, peas, carrots, um, vegetables in general, candy! Haha.

We are still doing a bottle before bedtimes and I am trying to wean her but this girl won't drink anything that even looks like milk out of a sippy. I am a little lazy sometimes though because I like cuddling her and rocking her while giving her a bottle.

Her sleep routine is so set that when she gets tired she goes into her room and starts pointing to her bed and tries to get her blanky out. We are down to one 2 hour nap a day and still sleeping 12 hrs at night.

She loves to play with make-up, carry around purses and fill them up with things. She puts as many little things as her tiny hands can hold and carries them all around.

We love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and jewelry, Little Einsteins and playing with Molly. pretending to "work" on the computer, throwing temper tantrums when she gets her hair done or brushes her teeth. Loves painting nails and playing outside.

We moved up to size 4 shoes, hooray, but we are still wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. That's ok because we can wear some clothes from last summer again! Daddy really likes that:)

Dad is still gone a lot so we have lots of time together, WRONG, we have ALL our time together. I'm always looking for more ways to get out of the house and have fun without spending too much money!

 at her little table, our media cabinet sits a little too low for us but perfect for Eliza's height. She likes to take things and set them right in front of the TV, whether it's on or not, and it's like her personal play table. I think we will be getting her own one in the future, or a much taller media cabinet.
I know this pic is a little blurry, but I couldn't not post it because of her serious model face. I mean she's got that stare down!
Since Ty was gone on V-Day, he set up this little scavenger hunt
Here I am with my goodies. I love that man.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12

Inside my closet. Be warned, no cleaning or tidying took place previous to the snapping of this pic before church this morning...

can you find....a basketball, a dresser, a red bra, My favorite Anthropologie dress, our dirty laundry...:) I'm switching my photo posting to Google + so follow me there...

February 11

Things I love. Is this too cliche? oh well
Yes I love this man.
I also love this little girl

Here's the most recent picture of the three of us
At my sister's wedding.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 10

Self Portrait

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9

My front door. I am so glad for this little photo a day challenge--it made me get up and do something today. I finally took my Christmas wreath down and made a V-day one. (it will last until St. Patty's probably:))
and I decided to add some more vday decor to my house.
The lighting isn't very good so here are the prints I used:

and while I was in the mood, I made a little valentine card

February 8

The Sun. The sun didn't even come out today. look how dreary.

I will tell a story about the sun though--I have some bright rays of sunshine in my life called sunbeams that I get to see every Sunday. They sure light up my life. A couple weeks ago one little boy, a very precocious and amiable boy, was picking his nose. This is not uncommon, it is more like an unconscious habit. I motioned to him to get his hand out of his nose and he looked at me and grinned. Between songs in sharing time while we were standing up he triumphantly giggles in his best robot voice: "I am a picking nose robot" while imitating a robot as well as a little 3 year old can. I busted up laughing and was laughing so hard I was crying, mascara and eyeliner down my face crying. I love that boy.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7 a button

not quite what you were expecting? well you do "push" it. No judging--it kept her entertained!

Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6 Dinner

Even though Ty doesn't join me for every dinner, I still love cooking. Here's the link to this recipe. (or you can find it on my pinterest) It was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. I think the only change I would make is to use less rice noodles because it wasn't as "soupy".

February 5-10:00am

We have church at 11am so 10:00am consists of us getting ready. Man I look so tired (and I was!)

February 4 Hands

These are Ty's working hands. They are usually on the computer. My grandpa always comments that he spends too much time on the computer and doesn't understand that now-a-days it's the only way for him to do his job. Ty works for an accounting firm doing information systems security consulting--That means he travels a lot and looks at companies security and analyzes them. (that's the short explanation:))

February 3

A Stranger.

strange...I didn't leave my house enough to see one.

I did have my first dance performance in over 5 years. Go Collective! I'll put that pic up soon:)

see you tomorrow

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2

Today I am posting 2 words:

Snow, which we woke up to this morning. (P.S. Isn't my view GORG! I don't want to move)

Vomit. all over my leather couch. my carpet. the bed. there goes any hope of getting anything accomplished today besides cleaning up vomit, washing vomit, and vacuuming it, changing Eliza's clothes every hour, you get the "picture".

February 1

My view...
Eliza, Eliza, Eliza. Since Ty's gone so much me and this chica get LOTS of one on one time. She is such a doll though. Here's our pic of the day
Had a little fun editing the classic baby in the bathtub pic:) I also went to the dentist today, but thought the view of her was much better than the dentist chair. (Even though Halellujah no cavities!)