Wednesday, December 15, 2010

baby ZZZs

So you know how sometimes as a mom you feel pressured to be "perfect?" or at least for everyone to think it? Ok, so maybe it's just me feeling like I will mess Eliza up if I don't get her schedule "just right". Lately I have been struggling with her daytime napping. She is fighting it like crazy, but I know she is tired because she is cranky. When she sleeps well she is happy and playful and I can do whatever while she sits and plays. Tyler can get her to sleep no problem, but everytime I try to rock her, she wants to eat. Help! I was reading Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child and she says that if you catch the timing right then your baby won't cry and will go right to sleep. I have yet to catch that timing. Also, she says babies shouldn't be awake for more than two hours at a time. I have really watched Eliza and noticed that she does start getting tired about 1 1/2hrs after being awake, but everytime I try to help her fall asleep she cries and puts up a fit. I know every baby isn't by the book, but I am feeling so helpless, like we are stuck in this back and forth. Once I finally get her down to nap she only stays alseep for like 30-40 minutes. What are some tricks to getting Eliza down without such a fight?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Generic diapers work great! I bought some as a test from Walmart--you know
Parents Choice brand and I was VERRrY skeptical at first. She hasn't had one blow out despite their apparent thinness and low quality. Yay for $0.11 diapers that work:)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 Months

I had the hardest time getting a shot where her fists weren't in her mouth. At about 9 1/2lbs my baby is still a wee little thing. But she's growing and developing like a normal 3 month old! We are working on getting our daytime nap routine down and I am reading up on how to help her be the healthiest sleeper. She has the cutest giggle and loves when I blow on her tummy.
She is super strong
Here she is standing with daddy in her cute little santa outift. We love Christmas in the Rasmussen house and have been counting down since summer! My aunt gave Eliza this cute little outift and she looks like a little elf
She still loves her bath and will blow bubbles

and sit and stare at her feet or hands for the whole time.
Even though she's not a fan of tummy time, she can hold her head up a lot more and I'm so proud of her. I hate doing tummy time because she gets all mad after like 30 seconds, so we really don't do it very often.  I wish I had a good picture, but this is usually what she looks like
can you tell she's mad?

She loves riding in her carseat thank goodness, except when she's hungry, but even then if I sing really loudly she will quiet down and sometimes go back to sleep

I love her big blue eyes--my little angel!

Well that's enough baby talk for now I guess. Love my life as a mommy.
Oh ya, and Tyler finishes his masters in a few short months so we are on the house hunt now! Any recommendations?