Monday, July 11, 2011

10 months baby

 14.5 lbs 27.5" of goodness

As you can see she is starting to hold onto things while standing up. She is working on pulling herself up on things but hasn't quite got it. She did master going from stomach to back to sitting up and we are ALMOST crawling:) We are completely weaned and taking formula (HALLELUJAH), opening everything with her 3 teeth (almost 4), learning to make a tantrum, fake cry and grin. Lots of blahbering, sleeping 12 hours (usually) and trying new foods. Just tried muffins, eggs, steak taquitoes, cheese this week. Loves all kinds of fruits and grating carrots with her beaver teeth. Makes puffing noises and has the cutest piggy tails. Loves clapping, patting her stomach and legs and raising them up in the air (just like on Little Einsteins) Had a double ear infection (probably from so much swimming and a cold). Does not like Diet Coke, long meetings (as in church ones)  and leaving grandma's house. Loves her daddy and going on long runs with mom.
Welp, maybe next time I'll actually post 11 months on time, oh wait, I'll be on vacation so you can count on me not.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 4th of July everyone

 Soccer games
 Hanging out with gpa
and other cousins

We went to my cousin's wedding sans hubby this time because he was traveling. Our month has been crazy--Tyler was gone 3 of the 4 weeks, but as you saw from the previous posts, Eliza and I have been staying busy. I love hanging out with this girl. In her 10 month post I'll tell a little more about what she's done.
So onto July I guess
We went to the Provo Parade and hung out with gma and gpa. We were too tired for fireworks at night though, so we were lame and just went to bed! For the 24th of July we are planning to do some spectacular celebrating though.