Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 weeks in...

Well this weekend I'll be married a month. Crazy how time flies. Our photographer was really quick and already posted a slideshow for everyone to view of some of the pics from our wedding...find it at: www.merephoto.com/carissatylerslideshow. I also posted some fun pics from our honeymoon on facebook, but if you haven't seen them:
This is Ty with the Welcome Bear in front of the hotel

Here's a pic of the hotel from the ski lift

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

finally. I'm Married!!!

I know that I am far far far behind on posting...I think it may be because I just got MARRIED!!! So I don't know how to put the whole last month into one post, but the gist is that I am now Mrs. Tyler Rasmussen. Craaaazy. I have to say thank you to everyone that was SO helpful and they really made it work.

So Thursday night before the wedding we had a wedding dinner at the Skyroom Restaurant on BYU campus. We had probably around 80 people there--mostly family. As everyone was seated there I was thinking, "how are we going to fit all these people in the sealing room tomorrow?" Tyler's dad started the dinner by announcing that we were going to eat first and man was I glad because I was starving. We ate roast beef and potatoes and beans and then the most delicious cobbler for dessert. After eating we started the "program" or whatever you want to call it. Tyler's old roommates Cody and Adam Porter told everyone a little about me and tyler during our courtship--I can't help but mention that they both kept saying how weird I was and how perfect I am for Tyler. Am I really that weird? Just kidding, I know they just mean I fit with Tyler's goofiness:) Then Grace said some things about us and then our parents and then Tyler and I decided to give a presentation to our parents. I thought it went quite well overall and we finished pretty quickly.
Us at the dinner:

After the dinner I went with Grace for some "girl" time while Tyler went with the guys to do some "guy" stuff. Grace and I actually just drove to Sonic and sat in the car and chatted until we were like, better go home and get some sleep.
I woke up at like 6:30 because I had to be at the temple at 8:00. We made it with plenty of time and I loved being in the temple. Honestly that was the best day ever.
The day seems like a blur, especially now because everything was so busy and jumbled together. After pictures at the temple, Tyler and I went to Wingers. I was soo starving because the morning was too hectic for me to eat breakfast. Anyway, after Wingers we waited around until we had to be at the reception for pictures at 5. Of course that meant that we didn't start taking pictures until like 5:30 or later, but oh well. I don't really remember all that happened during the reception until we were running off to drive away in the decorated car! That was the best surprise ever because I really wanted to drive off in a decorated car. Thanks Elyse and Andrew and anyone else who helped!!!
More pictures from the reception and temple: