Sunday, March 27, 2011

A new one

We had a really fun weekend driving up to Driggs, ID to meet my family for a ski trip in the Tetons and to see our new baby niece, Elyse Katherine Angus. Born March 15. 7lbs 12 oz and 20" long. She's a cutie and definitely takes after her dad. I of course had to practice my photo-taking skills with a newborn shoot.
Here's a preview...

(I'm a sucker for those vintage shots...but don't worry, there are definitely more where these came from!)

The announcement

Here's how the final announcement turned out:
 And here were some of the faves...

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I recently (as in this weekend) did my first senior photo shoot for a gal in our ward. I would love your help pointing out which ones are your favorite (pick no more than 5) for us to use for the graduation announcement.

Follow the link here to see my album and comment in the comment section.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Photoshop Love

Check me out after having baby Liza

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

6 months and counting

half a year...have I really been a mom for a half a year? This month has been quite an adventure:
  • first bout with constipation
  • first cold
  • rolling over
  • finding toes
  • baths in the big bath
  • more hair loss
  • moving up to 3-6mo clothes
  • continuing to sleep through the night
  • wary of strangers
  • first solids--ya she hates that--
Things we're working on:
  • rolling over from back to stomach
  • sitting up alone
  • eating solids
Now for some awesome stories:
  • We took Eliza to the instacare on Saturday (after celebrating aunty Elyse's baby shower) for her cold. We wanted to make sure she didn't have an ear infection. We went all the way to the Orem instacare (don't ask why) and when we were filling out our info we realized we didn't bring an insurance card. No, we are not rookies at this, it was because we were used to having Ty's work insurance and I did have THOSE cards in my wallet, it was the BYU ones I didn't have because you never have to show an ID card at BYU if you have their insurance. so of course we didn't have it. Then we tried calling every family member and the house several times to get someone to give us our ID number and it took over 20 mins to get someone to answer! talk about annoying. Well, we were able to get it and got her in and she was fine. no infection.

  • At the doctor today the doc was over an hour behind (there went my plans to have her home in time for her nap) and then she wanted some x-rays. Eliza was beyond her max, but we made it home and she got some food and sleep and is feeling much better. Here are her stats:

11 lbs 13 oz and 24.25"

  • If you are wondering if that is not normal, they you would be correct. Eliza fell below her curve of about the 1st %. I know doctors are concered about "normalcy" and the whole percentile thing, but Eliza is happy and I feed her when she's hungry (and I try to feed her more too). Of course the doc suggested I supplement with formula like they suggested last time, but I'm telling you, she won't have it. The doc also had me check my breast milk for fat content. whawhat? So I pumped and let it separate and what do you know, CREAM. I don't think the problem is in my milk. I have a HAPPY baby. I think it is that my baby is a SLOW grower and she is doing just fine. We have started to introduce some solids--namely rice--and she doesn't like it. haha. We will start on some peas and carrots and squash in the next couple of weeks and see how she does. I know it takes awhile for them to get used to and like solid foods.

  • The doc also ordered some x-rays for her hips since they were a little asymmetrical. We'll see what she says when she gets them back.

  • We found an apartment. let me repeat WE FOUND AN APARTMENT. For those who didn't know we were looking...Ty graduates in April and we need to be closer to downtown for when he starts his job May 17th. We spent the past couple weekends scouring all the apt complexes we could in a day and found one that had exactly what we were looking for:
    • 24hr fitness
    • pool and spa
    • covered parking and garages
    • quiet and safe
    • good deal $$$
    • first floor walk-in
    • east facing (if possible)
    • right by the interstate
    • 2 bed/2 bath
Sometimes I lay at night thinking of where our furniture is going to go in our new apt. (this is what happens when you live at someone else's house for 3 years:))

  • I finished my photoshop class and LOVED IT! I'm thinking of holding a class for any who are interested in knowing a few things--let me know if you'd like that

  • We booked our flights to Florida for family vacay/graduation in May. Thankfully we can get all moved in before we go. I can't wait to take Eliza swimming!

And of course, last, but not least, those 6month photos you all love to look at:)

A little post script on those leg warmies...I started them before Christmas I think? Ya, I finished them last night. Aren't they just in time for the cold weather:) haha. I had to get a pic of them though.