Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Isn't she cute?

My little model

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Does anyone else still have a hard time writing 2011? I keep writing 2010...

Anyway, on to the subject of this post, Valentine's Day! I read on a friend's blog that for her, Vday was always a family affair rather than a lovers and I like that idea. Not that I don't like being showered with attention from Hubby; it's just that I like the thought of my kids growing up celebrating love on Valentines day and loving it instead of dreading it if they don't have a supposed beau...

I did get some great attention though:) Tyler of course spared no expense, which those of you who know him may wonder if he's even capable of doing which I reply, YES. We went to dinner, I got a cute necklace and flowers, (both my favorites)

and of course chocolate and an infamous Tyler Poem. (I would include an example of his genius this year, but I fear you may start gagging from love overdose haha). I made Tyler a pillow....
I saw this cute pillow on etsy and wanted it...but then I saw the price tag

$99!!! Can you even believe that? So I of course made my own.

I think it turned out great.
Love you babe!

I'm so Happy

Eliza is getting a cousin sister Erin is just weeks away from bringing a little Angus into the world and I CAN'T WAIT! We had a shower this weekend for her and I had fun playing with the photos....(see previous post about taking a photoshop class:))
Table Settings:

Food Shots

Eliza...of course

The happy preggo and me
The Gals
Thanks everyone for your hard work and for the beautiful gifts. I know Erin is so thankful. Eliza can't wait for a cousin her age!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Big!!

I can't believe my baby's 5 months!! She's weighing in at about 11 1/2lbs and is almost out of her 3month clothes. We have accomplished so much this month--can't believe she is growing so fast--We are sleeping through the night now (sometimes even 10hrs plus!...ok, only once that happened so far) and napping is soo much better. We even moved bedtime up to 8pm. No binky still, but we've learned how to put ourself to sleep (after a couple sad nights of mommy ignorning baby's cries), found our tongue and play with our ears and headbands:) Tummy time is much more enjoyable and bath time is still the bomb! We've tried sucking on apples and carrots and ice and love it! Also, a little bit of water from a straw is fun too.We keep our toes painted matching colors and love watching HGTV and NCIS. We've started working out with a friend every other day down at the BYU indoor track and it's fun to see all the other determined mommies with their strollers getting some exercise. With the cold weather what else could we do? We still turn out about 100 pictures per week...haha and go support Daddy playing basketball 3 times a week. With so much sleeping going on, mom has time to sew and plan some baby showers and get ready to sand/stain a dining room table. (WIP)
Mom and Dad have been to see some movies and are currently in the "where are we going to live when Dad graduates" process. It's great. Anyone live in Salt Lake County have any apartment suggestions?
Well, since baby is sleeping, better get some laundry done...