Thursday, August 18, 2011

impromptu photo shoot

we were getting stir crazy inside and so we went out on the grass and had a little photo shoot. Of course, i was thinking of using at least ONE for her bday invitation...

I also finished up Eliza's dresser

I couldn't find my before pic, but it was just a natural wood color. I LOVE how it turned out!

Monday, August 15, 2011

11 months is waaaay

too close to a year! Yet, here we are. another month older and slightly bigger. My baby had quite the month:
  • two new teeth (total of five; two up, three down)
  • crawling like a maniac
  • opening up everything with her teeth (still)
  • eating and loving all of my food 
  • saying "mama". (How lucky am I?)
  • not anemic anymore
  • oh ya, did I mention she finally got over those nasty ear infections and teething and now she is blissfully only waking once during her 12 hour sleep? hallelujah.
  • if you ever feel like visiting, beware. The Floor Crunches. Eliza is obsessed with Rice Krispies. Whenever I bring the bag out of the cupboard she starts getting really excited and as soon as I put some in front of her she immediately starts grabbing handfuls and shoving them in her mouth. it really is adorable; but, they get all over the floor and I don't vacuum after every eating, ok?
  • among our favorite activities are reading, doing our nails, going on runs playing with our friends and watching SYTYCD:)
Stats: close enough to 15lbs and graduated to size 3 diapers. 
And of course, her monthly pics. She would not stay still, was tired and grumpy, so here we go

well, there we go. only a couple more weeks until she turns one. Hopefully I'll be more on the ball one of these days. I think I am lagging more and more behind

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Man, I've just returned from the trip of a lifetime...just kidding. It was more of a trip that lasted a lifetime, or rather, we were gone 3 weeks. Take that however you'd like.
First stop:
Southern Colorado where the green grass grows and the river flows and the mosquitoes bite. (Actually, the mosquitoes weren't that bad). We had a marvelous time fishing (I caught a trout and called it a day. I've done enough fishing) hiking and playing games.

 enjoying the long car ride by playing peek-a-boo
 poor sleepy babies
 I love how there is milk dripping off her mouth. satisfied much?
 I love this side shot of Eliza
 and this one on grandpa's lap is so precious I just had to include it. I think she looks like him a bit
 We were watching horseshoes and Eliza and Jenna were getting into it
 Love this profile shot
 She hasn't smiled once in these pics, but she really did have a good time!

 I had to include this shot of me looking quite luxurious, or not...definitely not. Also, had to include how funny this shot was of me holding the hummingbird feeder in front of Nana, with the flagpole coming out of my head.
 Ty too
 Our squirrel friend

 Eliza made horsey noises when we went to visit the horses that were parked (is that how you describe it? maybe tied up is a more accurate term)

 loved the FREEZING cold water
 my fish!
 Gorgeous views

 another impromptu photo shot with Jenna

 The men talking--love this serene shot of what the cabin represents--peaceful serenity
 I don't think I want to hike...
 I love hiking!
 Rough-creek falls

We also visited Manassa for the notorious 24th of July celebrations. Eliza loved riding on the little ponies. (Pony, she really only sat on one and it was for like 5 minutes).

I then met my dad and brothers in Alamosa and we flew back up to Colorado Springs so I could hang out with the fam while the girls and mom and dad went trekking. When they returned I did a quick Senior photo shoot of my sis.

Eliza slept in a dark closet and was back to her great schedule when we turned around and drove 14 hours to Missouri.

Yay for lake vacations! They truly are the best to relax, have fun, and hang out with the family. It was the whole shabang! (includ. lil' sis's bf). Eliza loved riding on the waverunners and in the tube. Ty and I tried our luck at wakeboarding (since we hadn't since we got married) and I of course schooled him. No really.
 Yes I am bigger than you! Eliza "playing" with cousin Elyse

 Nana and Uncle Derek
 Uncles Jared and Nate
 Uncle Hayden

 Aunt Laurel

 Family Time

 We celebrated her first bday with the Ashby's and needless to say, this girl loves chocolate, but not getting dirty:)

 opening her gifts
 boating with mama
 and Aunt Laurel

 Playtime with Elyse...again. we had to make them match...

The only highlights were Ty getting a concussion and tying the rope up in the waverunner. Ok, maybe not highlights, LowLights. He's all better now. Except, I forgot to include this minor, yet disgusting detail, Ty and I tried to rid ourselves of some ingrown toenails (ewww I know) before the lake and mine got all better, but Ty had to get surgery on his last night and now he's limping around. Poor baby. I will not disgust you further with pics of that.

Is there any question of if I love to take pics or what?
Now back to laundry...