Monday, August 15, 2011

11 months is waaaay

too close to a year! Yet, here we are. another month older and slightly bigger. My baby had quite the month:
  • two new teeth (total of five; two up, three down)
  • crawling like a maniac
  • opening up everything with her teeth (still)
  • eating and loving all of my food 
  • saying "mama". (How lucky am I?)
  • not anemic anymore
  • oh ya, did I mention she finally got over those nasty ear infections and teething and now she is blissfully only waking once during her 12 hour sleep? hallelujah.
  • if you ever feel like visiting, beware. The Floor Crunches. Eliza is obsessed with Rice Krispies. Whenever I bring the bag out of the cupboard she starts getting really excited and as soon as I put some in front of her she immediately starts grabbing handfuls and shoving them in her mouth. it really is adorable; but, they get all over the floor and I don't vacuum after every eating, ok?
  • among our favorite activities are reading, doing our nails, going on runs playing with our friends and watching SYTYCD:)
Stats: close enough to 15lbs and graduated to size 3 diapers. 
And of course, her monthly pics. She would not stay still, was tired and grumpy, so here we go

well, there we go. only a couple more weeks until she turns one. Hopefully I'll be more on the ball one of these days. I think I am lagging more and more behind


Lacey Voris said...

time sure does go by fast huh? she is a cutie as always ;)

Amy Kohler said...

seriously...she is toooo cute. I want Kaden and her to get married. ha jk... but really she is such a DOLL!

Grace Hart said...

Can't believe she's almost one! So adorable! Charlotte can't wait to meet her!