Friday, November 11, 2011

another random

Just remembered these photos I took from when it was just starting to cool down and we went on a family walk for me to practice using my SIL's camera before the engagement shoot I was going to do

 Love how she is cradling daddy's face in this one!

 If you could hear her right now she's "moooing" at the cows
 Does she even look like me at all?
 I don't care if you look just like dad, I love you still the same!
The last couple are a little blurry because the little one wouldn't stay still (imagine that:)) but we had fun and it made me want my own nice camera so badly!

Monday, October 31, 2011


We usually aren't that big into Halloween, okay, so I'm not really into Halloween, but I have to admit having a child get all excited about the hulabaloo makes it a lot more fun:) We dressed up as ballerinas...

tonight we are going to try trick or should be short and fun:)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin time

Thanks Heather and Rob, ok, mostly Molly, for making our trip to the p patch so entertaining. Of course Eliza and Molly had a blast too...and thanks for the pics Heather P Photography, the ones from my phone did the poor girls no justice:(

Saturday, October 22, 2011


So I've been doing some photo shoots of late...

The happy couple; Laurel and DJ; will be married Nov 5
There are of course more photos but you can see them on facebook:)

Some pics of my aunt's beautiful knitting work; you can find more about her stuff here.

 This is a flower my aunt also knitted that she gave to Eliza when she was born. I LOVE IT.

Some little girl booties I made for my niece back when I first started sewing and now fit Eliza. They are impractical though since she is walking and they get pretty dirty...but they sure are cute:)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Eliza's 1st bday pics and more

I finally uploaded some pics from Eliza's birthday party a month and a half ago:) The theme was butterflies

I also ran a half marathon in Park City and it was awesome! Tyler took some videos and only got one pic. I will spare you the videos of me running, but here I am:)
It was snowing and I was so freezing cold, except when I was running. My time was 2:19, which I was pretty happy with!
I love my baby:)

Friday, September 9, 2011

I cannot believe it (said like Quincy on Little Einsteins)

I have a one year old! Let's do a year of review:
Weight: 5lbs 9oz;
Height: 18.5"
Head: 12"

Weight: 6lbs 1oz;
Height: 19.75"
Head: 12.75"

Weight: 8lbs 14oz;
Height: 21"
Head: 14.3"

Weight: 10lbs 1oz;
Height: 22.25"
Head: 14.9"

Weight: 11lbs 13.5oz;
Height: 24.25"
Head: 15.6"

Weight: 12lbs 12oz;
Height: 24.5"

Weight: 13lbs 14oz;
Height: 26.75"
Head: 16.75"

and hurrah12months-
Weight: 16lbs 3oz;
Height: 28.5"
Head: 17.1"

Can you believe that she grew over 10 pounds in a year! She got 10 inches taller and her head swelled 5 inches. What a shrimp, I gained 30 lbs, got 10 inches wider and my feet swelled at least 2 times as much in only 9 months. She definitely has some catching up to do to her mom.
We've definitely decided to keep her and that there is no question she is the cutest babe around.
It was a question when she was born who she looked more like, mommy or daddy, but now the votes are in and she has
Fun personality (is that too auspicious?)

Small head

She rotates her ankles when she gets excited and crawls at supersonic speeds. She can almost stand up without using anything to balance and loves walking around with mom holding her hand. We thought for sure she was saying mama, but we think she hasn't quite associated it with me yet. She is for sure a mama's girl, but loves when daddy chases her and puts her on his shoulders. She loves her new toys she got for her birthday including some alphabet magnets (her favorite letter is "V". She always holds in no matter what other letters she's playing with). She is great at feeding herself with her tiny little hands and still loves baths and showers and reading books. We are so grateful her sleep schedule is so awesome too-12hour nights and two 1 1/2hr naps in the day. Sometimes I get lonely and can't wait for her to wake up and play.

She loves playing "catch" and brushing her teeth. Shakes her head and finger to say no and points at Jesus when we ask "Where's Jesus". if you haven't been able to come play with her recently, you should. She is a social butterfly, so fittingly we had a butterfly birthday party. Tyler and I argued about whether or not we should go big or small for the party, but we ultimately decided on just inviting Eliza's gparents and aunts and uncles. It was a good thing we planned "small" because with over 20 people I can't imagine how our apartment would've handled "big". We had a great time swimming and eating yummy chicken tacos and chips and salsa.

Eliza's chomping on everything with 3 teeth on top and 3 almost 4 on bottom. This pic from my last post is a great one to show
you can't see the 3rd tooth that is hiding beside her right front tooth, nor the bottom ones that well, but I just love her toothy grin and expression. I think I could fit her whole body in that gap! We love our little baby!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

impromptu photo shoot

we were getting stir crazy inside and so we went out on the grass and had a little photo shoot. Of course, i was thinking of using at least ONE for her bday invitation...

I also finished up Eliza's dresser

I couldn't find my before pic, but it was just a natural wood color. I LOVE how it turned out!