Friday, November 11, 2011

another random

Just remembered these photos I took from when it was just starting to cool down and we went on a family walk for me to practice using my SIL's camera before the engagement shoot I was going to do

 Love how she is cradling daddy's face in this one!

 If you could hear her right now she's "moooing" at the cows
 Does she even look like me at all?
 I don't care if you look just like dad, I love you still the same!
The last couple are a little blurry because the little one wouldn't stay still (imagine that:)) but we had fun and it made me want my own nice camera so badly!


Kjell Crowe said...

she's so stinkin cute.

tracie said...

Super cute pictures. Everyone also always tells me how much Isla looks like Eric, but it's okay, she knows you're her mama. :)

Catherine said...

These are so sweet!

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