Saturday, October 22, 2011


So I've been doing some photo shoots of late...

The happy couple; Laurel and DJ; will be married Nov 5
There are of course more photos but you can see them on facebook:)

Some pics of my aunt's beautiful knitting work; you can find more about her stuff here.

 This is a flower my aunt also knitted that she gave to Eliza when she was born. I LOVE IT.

Some little girl booties I made for my niece back when I first started sewing and now fit Eliza. They are impractical though since she is walking and they get pretty dirty...but they sure are cute:)

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Momza said...

So happy for Laurel. I remember when she was just a little primary girl in my class. She has grown up to be so lovely. Congratulations to her and your family!
And then there's your little sugar pie--she is just adorable! Her little accessories are too cute!