Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 8

The Sun. The sun didn't even come out today. look how dreary.

I will tell a story about the sun though--I have some bright rays of sunshine in my life called sunbeams that I get to see every Sunday. They sure light up my life. A couple weeks ago one little boy, a very precocious and amiable boy, was picking his nose. This is not uncommon, it is more like an unconscious habit. I motioned to him to get his hand out of his nose and he looked at me and grinned. Between songs in sharing time while we were standing up he triumphantly giggles in his best robot voice: "I am a picking nose robot" while imitating a robot as well as a little 3 year old can. I busted up laughing and was laughing so hard I was crying, mascara and eyeliner down my face crying. I love that boy.

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