Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well I've been waiting a month for this day...the day I get to write on my blog that I'M ENGAGED!!!!!! Officially. So here's how the awesome day went: After a long week of being apart (our first week ever) I was pretty lonely and kept on texting Tyler on Friday and was getting pretty mad that he wasn't responding. He told me he was golfing with Adam and didn't have cell reception...but little did I know he was on a plane coming to Colorado to surprise me!!! Well my mom's birthday is Sunday and she wanted to have a picnic up at this beautiful park so she loaded us all into the car and we drove over there. Well it was fantastic because we were all just admiring the beautiful landscape when Derek shouts: Look there's Tyler! I turned around and there he was walking toward me coming out of the forest. I screamed and threw my hands to my face because I was so surprised. We walked over to these steps of an amphitheater that overlook the lake and he knelt down and asked me to marry him. I of course said emphatically that I couldn't stop saying yes. He showed me the ring and I about keeled over because it was so beautiful and huge! I am so excited to be marrying my bestest friend in the whole world. Tyler is SO AWESOME!! Here's some pics:


Kristin said...

We are so excited and happy for both of you! You will be a great addition to the family and I am sure that you and Tyler will have lots and lots of happy years together. : ) Let me know when you want to have your bridal shower!

Jessi said...

I AM SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED! I have been waiting for you to post again, I think I click on it every day... then today I did and I screamed and DJ came running over (woops!) This is so great! Whens the date? Where are you getting married? PLEASE PLEASE send my an anouncment!! I love you !! conrats!!!

Gina said...

YES! my mom will be here, I will tell her about. I don't think she will have anything planned. I cannot waaaaaaaait.