Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pictures of the newly engaged couple

So Tyler and I went to this wedding at the Airforce Academy Chapel and it was beautiful of course, but we wanted to make our own statement, so we took an artistic picture, and a fantastic picture of us kissing in front of the chapel.
The whole drive to the wedding was quite hilarious actually because my dad was driving and he thought he knew where he was going, and he always tries to take short cuts, but he nor my mom knew and I was way too focused on Tyler to pay attention because I know where to go....well we ended up turning up past the cadet housing and my dad tried to make a joke to this guard saying that the chapel was hard to find. The guard (she) just got on his case about how he ran this stop sign we didn't even see...my dad said sorry so quickly it was funny! The guns on her weren't intimidating whatsoever. The worst part was that we were late because my dad was working in the yard too long and then we ran into traffic...needless to say it's a good thing I had Tyler with me otherwise I might have cared that we walked into the Chapel after the wedding had already started. It was a short ceremony actually and the only real excitement came when her son, standing as a sentinel, fainted right before they poured the sand;) My father characteristically ended our event by saying we were NOT going to attend the following reception (with food of course;() Here's the good pics of Tyler and me...

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Jessi said...

enaged, engaged , engaged!! You should definetly call me! These pictrues are so fun! And I think its so awesome that you "were to into tyler ro pay attention". What better life is there than true lovey dovey love? I love you and hope to talk to you soon! (erin has my number if you dont... your mom might too, not sure.) love you!