Monday, April 21, 2008

my first time

It's my first time with this whole blog thing. but I think it might work out. finals are almost finished. and I am so super duper excited. I think that I'll just explain the reason behind the madness of blogging. I figured that this summer was going to be long and boring if I didn't have something to keep me occupied...besides the whole taking biology and marriage prep...working...choose to give stuff...and my excellent boyfriend.

Recibi una carta de mi companera hoy dia...esta manana. ella va a estar en Provo la proxima semana, y estoy tan animada!!!! no la he visto desde que dijo que ella corto su pelo...era tan corta se...aqui esta: (la izquierda)

Despues de posting eso foto, decidi que necesitaba post mas de Chile.....aqui estan:El presidente Duncan con su esposa...y yo:) La casa de la mision era un embassy antes y es grande!!! hay nanas alla....quiero uno en mi hogar algun dia.
mi distrito....que bueno hermanita miller, y los elderes aguero y riquelme!


Elyse . Elle . Lysal said...

Yay! Welcome to blogging! It's fun huh? We must support each other and make comments since we don't have many visitors yet. And, either you need to write in english or I need to learn spanish ASAP. Ha. Hope your finals are going well!

Peggy said...

Ojala que le gusta empezar con "blogging"...este mes de abril fue cuando I started to blog!!!

It's fun and exciting to try out all the extras and discovering how to do something!!!

¿De dónde es? Vivo en Mexico pero soy de Minnesota en EEUU. Que le vaya muy bien! Enjoy. Did I understand you right that you're getting married? if so, congrats!

You wonder how I found you...just clicked on next at the top of blog page...and you were next...

emd said...

ya seriously. i didn't understand half the post and i do not like that.

Gina said...

Chile!! this is exciting.