Friday, April 25, 2008


I just went and saw Step up 2, and of course now I want to go dancing. You have to watch this video:) Tell me if you don't love dancing after watching this. It's always so hard for me to sit and watch these dance movies without going dancing myself...I love ALL kind of dancing:) check out the video of the last's so awesome. talk about a sexy combination of rain, hip hop, and break dancing. crazy neat.

This video is of Take the lead, the last dance competition. A little different than hip hop, but totally sweet all the same.

All I have to say is that dancing rocks. I could dance all day, every day. It's the best kind of exercise, it's fun, and can be totally sexy too.:)

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ashley.warner said...

Oh man! This was the funnest movie ever, and I figured out the song from the last scene of the movie! It's called BOUNCE by Timbaland. I will make you a cd girl!