Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good things

Yoga. enjoy some of my favorite poses:
pigeon pose

Three-legged dog

Big toe grab


Warrior 2

Warrior 3

Standing Split

Tree Pose

Fish Pose
The forearm stand...This is what I'm aspiring to. I think it is amazing how controlled her body is. This is why I love yoga so much because of the control and strength it takes to move the muscles into certain positions and hold them. That is also another reason I love ballet--they both take extreme discipline and lots of practice to develop the muscles to be able to perform what the poses or positions/routines demand.

Swimming pools in the summer. and guess who has one right next to their house....

A great haircut. Got my haircut last week by my friend Karissa and it sure feels great:)

SATURDAYS. with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Countdown to AZ...2 DAYS


Grace Hart said...

Ooh maybe by the end of your trip we'll be doing the forearm handstand :)

Jessica said...

I love yoga.... this is inspiring me to do more with it, when my current condition changes! And I am so, so so excited to swim! Enjoy AZ!! I am excite to hear about it!

{charlie * carolyn} said...

I miss you so much! I have to keep reminding myself that you guys aren't in our ward anymore. Have fun in Arizona!

Kellie Black and Boys said...

LOVE yoga! Seriously. Have you tried Bikram yoga? It's yoga in a heated heated room. And it is heaven I tell ya. There's something sexy about glistening in sweat and doing the tree pose :)

Julie said...

Yay for Yoga (seriously if you master that last pose, I must see it.) and YAY for Arizona!!! Can't wait to see you next week =)