Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Understanding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Part 2

KSL's JENNIFER LOVEN wrote today that:
"The law's most far-reaching changes don't kick in until 2014, including a requirement that most Americans carry health insurance(found Sec. 1501.) _ whether through an employer, a government program or their own purchase _ or pay a fine. To make that a reality, tax credits to help cover the cost of premiums will start flowing to middle-class families and Medicaid will be expanded to cover more low-income people(found in Sec. 1401 and Sec. 2001.). Insurers would no longer be allowed to deny coverage to people with health problems(found in Sec. 2705.).

Among the new rules on insurance companies that take effect this year are banning lifetime dollar limits on policies (found in Sec. 2711.) No lifetime or annual limits.and policy cancellations when someone gets sick. Insurers also will have to allow parents to keep children on their plans up to age 26 (found in Sec. 2714.) Extension of dependent coverage.. But a much-touted provision to protect children in poor health has a gap. Insurers would still be able to deny new coverage to kids with health problems until 2014, although they could no longer refuse to pay for a particular condition once the child is covered(found in Sec. 1251.).

The changes are to be paid for with cuts in projected government payment increases to hospitals, insurance companies and others under Medicare and other health programs, an increase in the Medicare payroll tax for some, fees on insurance companies, drug makers and medical device manufacturers, a new excise tax on high-value insurance plans and a tax on indoor tanning services."

As you can see where I've added the sections you can read about these policies in the bill--they really aren't lying about what's in this health care bill. Additionally....
Sec. 4205. Nutrition labeling of standard menu items at chain restaurants.
Sec. 4306. Funding for Childhood Obesity Demonstration Project.
Since when is it the government's responsibility to decide what is nutritious and what's not??

Sec. 4207. Reasonable break time for nursing mothers....this will get a section all of it's own

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