Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweet Home....Arizona??

So I've found that if I start reading others' blogs before I start my post....The post doesn't usually happen:)
But tonight will be DIFFERENT!

I got back last night from a week in sunny Arizona with my old roomie Grace. It was soo fun--lots of playing in the sun. I got some sewing projects done...(pictures will come later in a secret post--grace you know what i'm talking about) and then we cooked dinners together, went to 8:00am church (seriously, who does that?), went on bike rides, fed the ducks, played with nieces and nephews, and made some AMAZING BYU MINT BROWNIES. Yes, they tasted the same:)

Tyler joined me for the weekend and we got to visit his family that lives in Mesa, including Nana and Papa and some cousins I hadn't met yet. That makes it only 4 more that I haven't gotten to meet in person! (that's only 4 of 41 left...pretty good I think in 2 years)

So, enjoy the pictures
Grace and I enjoying a tasty breakfast at The Farmhouse

Watching the ducks swim 
Grace throwing the ducks some food
(notice they are swimming away from us and they wouldn't even eat our bread crumbs)
On our hike up to Canyon Lake (I think is what it's called)
Here we arrived at the Vista
 With Julia bulia and meeting baby Rushton for the first time (not pictured:))
All in all, leaving the 85 degree weather was sad(notice all the clear, blue skies) and the TSA guy at the PHX airport told me I could stay because there are tons of hospitals in Arizona!! haha. Thanks Grace for such a fun vacation and for buying me cookies and're the best. YAY for roomie Vaca's!


Grace Hart said...

Roomie! I miss you already!It was so fun!

P.S. I still can't believe those ducks just swimming past my bread I was trying to feed them- like they were too good for it!

Jessica said...

looks like a fabulous great tip!