Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why you should learn to sew

This afternoon I fixed 3 pairs of pants and a jacket. And all it took were a couple of straight stitches.
#1.The first pair of pants I actually didn't even use the sewing fave courd pants from Abercrombie (that I updated from massive flare jeans to cute hip matchstick jeans) got a hole in the butt by the pocket so I found a white courd iron-on patch (yes they have them!) and seared that hole shut.
#2. I bought some jeans while I was in Chile because I had gained some weight and the ones I brought were too tight and I haven't worn them since I got home! I almost DI'ed them when we moved, but I just knew I should hold on to them and make them skinny....So I did today! I decided to hold on to them for the in-between times when I'm pregnant and just after having the baby when I won't fit in maternity clothes or my regular ones.
#3. I had some adorable dress pants that I bought right after I got home from Chile that were on sale and are also too big so I took them in and they fit amazingly! They hit mid calf so they are perfect winter pants with some hot boots or spring when it is warmer!
#4. This jacket I bought 2 winters ago from Forever 21 that ripped all down the back in the lining and had some small holes in the outer part from too much reaching:) So I repaired it and it looks just like new! I also re-sewed a button onto the front that came off last winter and I never got around to fixing it:)

So, that my friends is why you should learn how to sew. I saved 3 pairs of pants that would have been trashed and re-used them in an updated fashion for today:) (I've converted many pairs of old high school jeans to skinny since the flare is totally out right now!) the jacket I would have kept wearing regardless of the holes since they weren't too noticeable, but it wouldn't have lasted another winter. I feel better knowing that it is back to new and ready for another couple winters and I saved $50+ on a new coat.

If you are wary of learning to sew, DON'T BE! It is easier than it seams (hehe) and there are SOOO many resources out there to help you on your quest for developing a new skill.

I love productive Saturdays...


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's awesome. Good for you!

maggie-t said...

please post some pics of your "new" jeans and coat.

Anonymous said...

I echo please! I know how to sew and really enjoy it, but I'm sort of lacking in the creativity department, so I don't end up transforming things as often as I would like.

merrilykaroly said...

Oh man, I need to do this to my pants! what a great idea!