Monday, February 15, 2010

a great friend

It's a good friend who will make you better and remind you of your potential and care about what's going on in your life and someone who listens to all your troubles and concerns.
I have realized as I've grown older and wiser, that friends are's interesting to look back in my life and  see all the different people that have come in and out of my life--some linger longer, but ultimately almost everyone leaves. It is near impossible to keep up friendships with every friend you meet. I've tried! It emotionally drained me, especially because not everyone is interested in remaining friends with you even if you are. (that's an interesting thought... for another day)

So how do you know if someone will remain your friend? You can't! That's the difficult part. Everyone changes and while you may have everything in common for a couple of years, eventually that changes.

Dismal thought???

Maybe. But maybe it actually helps you decide who the most important people are in your life and to hold on to them rather than chase after people who don't care as much about being your friends.
  • I can't stand friends who pretend to be friends but don't stand the test of time or really hold up to their role as friend. what are those tests: do they call you back? do they reciprocate get-togethers? do they call you out of the blue? do they listen to your problems? On the other hand, how are you as a friend?? Do you care about them? Do you want to hear about their problems and help? Do you plan trips together? Do you call them out of the blue, or try to contact them at all?
  • I can't stand friends who are only your friends when it's convenient or when they need you. Is someone like that really a friend?
This whole pensiveness on the subject came when a friend called. She reassures me of my value, let's me know she's there for me and never judges. We are hundreds of miles apart but we communicate more than friends that live just down the street so to speak. It's no wonder we all long for companionship. Life is lonely without good friends!

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Grace Hart said...

Aw I just love you so much! And I KNOW we will be bestest roomies FOR LIFE!