Monday, February 15, 2010

not an update because I keep this blog up...seriously

I was so kindly reminded that it's been a month since my last "real" post...I received quite a few comments on my last post that were so kind and understanding...but, rather than be all sentimental and deep, I decided to do a non-update on how things are going with the move:)

It's been over 3 weeks now living with the Gparents (who are actually in Alaska now) and it's been going well. Some of the good things:
  • lot's of treats and good food
  • learning cool stuff from gpa
  • sleeping in
  • lot's of good movies
  • new ward, new calling
  • 2 sinks in the bathroom
Some of the not as good of things:
  • I don't control the temperature--it is always soo hot here. 
  • too much chocolate and mini angus burgers
  • Moose Tracks ice cream
  • no treadmill
  • TV
  • the showerhead in our bathroom needs to be replaced
  • long commute to Provo twice a week 
You might have read my post about our trip to Mexico, well I am SOOO ecstatic it's almost all I can think about. Like the patterns for these adorable sundresses:
And these adorable shoes I got for a steal:

Reality though is that Mexico is like 16 weeks away!! Something I am looking forward to in only 3 weeks is visiting my besty roomie GRACE!!!
who lives in the sunny AZ (despite what this picture suggests). Ty gave me a trip with to see her in March! I am counting down the days until this trip also (and there are significantly fewer than the countdown to June...)

Coming up...the skirt I finished last week and the dress I've almost completed:) and plans for more projects are in the making!


Grace Hart said...

Yay for less than a month away! And cute shoes, love them... and those dress patterns- way cute. Muah!

Anonymous said...

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