Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tummy shots at 26 weeks

This is the view I see

Here's what others see from the front....

and from the side
 I'm carrying really long...I don't know else how to describe it. The bump isn't really as noticeable because I'm bigger from underneath my bust all the way down rather than just a little bump. I hope once she gets a little bigger that it will push out and not make me look so "thick". the nice thing is that I can hide the fact I'm pregnant just a little bit more with the right clothes I guess.

I'm so HAPPPPY:) Can you believe only 14 more weeks until my due date.


Anonymous said...

You are carrying "long" (I also don't know how else to say it)! Maybe you could say that you're carrying "sneaky" since most people can't still hide a pregnancy at 26 weeks! :)

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

you are so beautiful!! looks like your trip to colorado was awesome!! I hope things are well.... still no baby here.. will write more details when I can. been crazy busy and lots of naps. glad things are well with you and hope you are feeling well!

Grace Hart said...

You look gorgeous! And you look so tiny and you aren't even wearing the classic prego black shirt to try and hide it!