Monday, June 14, 2010

New 27 weeks picture and more baby stuff

So after many complaints about not really being able to see my belly in the pictures, I took this picture with a dress that emphasizes my belly
 I also finished this nursing cover while I was in Colorado but don't know if I put a picture up yet.
A word of advice...NEVER BUY ONE OF THESE. They are WAAAAAY overpriced for how easy and inexpensive they are to make. For me this cost:
Fabric 1yd $4.19
D-rings 4 for $2.00 (you only need 2)
Boning 2 yds for $2.50 (you only need 14")
total cost of supplies: $8.70

Now I have boning and D-rings to make another one. Do you know how much they charge to make just 1?? like between $25-$45. Isn't that outrageous!!!  
***So, anyone who wants a nursing cover I will make one for you for just the cost of the supplies...that's about $10.00 people.***

ok, so  I finished another project for the baby... 
I got this idea from They are just fabric swatches inside embroidery hoops. For 6 hoops and fabric it cost about $12.00 and now I have an adorable wall decoration that matches the $9 curtains I got and the $20 duvet cover. 

Coming soon...painting projects, another blanket, a pillow, and socks!


Anonymous said...

I love seeing your projects! I can't wait to see a picture of your baby's room when you have it all outfitted!

Kjell Crowe said...

I totally want one!! But I'll let you know when. :)

You're beautiful!

I'm really looking forward to having you guys back here. You will be back in our ward, right?

Grace Hart said...

I love all your craftiness that you've been up to! You are amazing and you look great!

the pink prep said...

oh my gosh, you are just the craftiest! i just found your blog, by clicking next blog on the top of the screen! crazy, right?
congrats on the upcoming babe... i'm loving your nursery decor!! and what a bargain hunter. LOVE that!

DelilahIris said...

Very cute! I have been meaning to write something about those nursing covers myself. It is outrageous what some people charge! Baby slings are the same case. A reversible pouch sling can go for 50-65 dollars and up and I make them for around $20 worth of materials. Crazy!

Meredith Carlson said...

Love those fabric swatches for the wall! So cute. PLUS, I'm totally impressed with Tyler's car "craftiness". You guys will be such great parents! :)
P.S. You are totally adorable. We MUST do maternity pics!