Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another visit to Colorado

I think everyone agrees with me that family is DA BEST! My little brother turned 12 on May 21st and so for Memorial Day we all went out to celebrate his ordination to the priesthood:)
I've been trying to take more pictures so that I have record of the memories I am making with my siblings and family. Little Hayden was only 2 when I moved out of the house, Derek 4 and Jared 6 so every time I visit they are bigger and bigger.
The boys all went on a fathers and sons campout--J, D, H, Trevor, Gpa, Ty, Nate and Dad
 H was so sad that the law changed and now you have to sit in a booster seat until you're 8 years old. No weight limit, it's on age!!!

When they got back early the next morning (I was still sleeping of course:)) we--Nate and Tyler--set up the picnic table and us girls made lots of treats

We had a bday party for Nate
Here's the bday boy

The weather was soooo gorgeous. Of course we had to do something to enjoy it....

The boys had great ideas

We decided to play croquet--see how my belly is sticking out? yay!
This is a great shot of my dad in action--work clothes all ripped and dirty--the game was actually his idea, novel because it is not an adventure activity, but a gentleperson's game.

My sister got this great shot of my butt...
Helping my teammate--Hayden.
These two were the winners

 Here's another good shot of the belly. It's always sooo fun to go home and hang out with everyone. Even better one more day until MEXICO!!!!!


Grace Hart said...

Ooh looks like lots of fun! I can't wait for the Mexico update!

maggie-t said...

Family is the best! You are so cute! You make me want to get pregnant again, but I know I would not look as good as you do :)

Mexico sounds so great. Jeremy and I are going to the Virgin Islands on Sunday. we r so excited.