Monday, July 27, 2009

Wallace Falls

This weekend was SO much fun. Need I repeat how much I LOVE the Pacific NORTHWEST! Friday night we went to a ward picnic at the beautiful Farrel McWhirter Park. Then we checked out early with our friends the Moulton's to go to Beaver Lake. It was a blast jumping on the floating trampoline, riding a bike off the dock, and discovering a secret passage to another lake! I have never lived near so much warm water! We love it. After a small little bonfire with roasted marshmellows, we left. Saturday morning we got up and set out for Wallace Falls State Park. Here are our pics:

the dock at Beaver Lake. You can see the make shift bike ramp
my attempt at catching Tyler mid-air on the bike before he hits the water
Lower Wallace Falls
Middle Wallace Falls

View of the Valley from Upper Falls

Eating Lunch

Mossy Trees. Goes to show we're not in the desert anymore.


maggie-t said...

what fun! I never thought of the NW as some place to visit, but you make it sound really exciting. I am glad you are liking it. Will it be hard to come back to Provo? by-the-way we aren't leaving until Sept 1st so maybe we can get together when you come back and catch up before I leave: )

Anonymous said...

Your lake activities sound so fun!

Bri and Rob said...

Hey Carissa! What the heck you live up here in Washington. What city do you live in. I live in Monroe if you know where that is. Are you just living here for the summer? Maybe I should read some more of your blog and find out.

Dan and Katie said...

Hi Carissa! I will definitely tell my mom hi from you :) So looks like you guys are up in WA? Hasn't it been really hot up there recently? Looks like you are enjoying life, thats great! Whats up with this business you have?!? You are very creative!!! Good Job!

Kristin said...

Man you guys have lots of fun. : ) Don't forget how much fun we are though! We miss you guys!

Matt and Karyna Bouslog said...

Wow that place is goregous!

The Holladay Family said...

I haven't read that yet. My husband is just getting me into all of this...he's reading Glen Beck's Common Sense right now and loves it. I'll have to check into the John Adams book.