Thursday, July 9, 2009


I just got back this morning from spending the beginning of the week with some old college roommates in LA! Julie has been living in Culver City while her husband Mac was attending UCLA law school. My friend Grace has been in Mesa, AZ for the past couple years after graduating BYU with her husband Jeff. Since Ty had training this week in San Jose, I thought it would be perfect for girl time! It was all Grace's idea because her husband decided to go off on a brocation with his old bandmates in DC and leave Grace all alone. She wanted me to go to LA with her and since Ty was gone, I said, why not? LA is a little sunnier than Seattle:) and there is the beach you can actually lay out on.
I got in Monday morning, later than planned because of a stupid delayed flight on United because there were "low clouds" in San Francisco. That's why jets fly IFR right? Plus, how is it worse than landing in snow storms, which they do ALL the time. My whole experience that day was a reminder how much I hate United Airlines and LOVE Southwest. All the airlines should model Southwest, they are fast, convenient, no hassle, FREE bags, fun staff, etc, etc. Plus, they are actually profiting (I think) and none of the others are(hence the recent bag charge...) But whatever, I got there and we went straight to the beach!

Here's Grace showing off her bike riding skills!

It's about a 6-7 mile trip one way from their apt to the beach, so we took the good old beach cruisers! It was fun and hot!!!

Yay for the beach! Even at 5pm it was nice. It was high tide though so we had to keep moving further and further up the beach.
We tried posing, but it was a little awkward cause we were on this ledge that I was falling off of. The next day we went to the beach pretty much ALL day and of course I got sunburned and so no pics of that day. Wednesday we went to Sony Studios and saw like 3 famous people. Just kidding. Julie has a client that is working on the movie 2012 and invited us to come see her work. I can't believe some people work 6+months on a 30 second (or less) clip of the movie. Not very glamorous. We also learned that the movie previews are created way before any shooting or special effects. That makes for very pressured deadlines on everyone else to get the movie ready for showtime. This movie has already been pushed back!
After Sony we went to this great burger place, The Apple Pan, and then took off for Santa Monica.
Here we are on the Ferris Wheel.!
And finally, our last night, we went to dollar taco night and when we went to use the bathrooms, there was a stall with TWO toilets in it. I just had to document this! I know this might be even weirder, but one of my freaky nightmares is that I have to go to the bathroom REALLY badly, and the only place to go is either an open toilet or a stall with two toilets! Now I know it really could happen in a place like this....AHHHH

I flew home early today on Southwest and it was SOOO much better! Yay for cheaper, better flights. Thanks girls for a Girls Vacation! Here's to next year:)


Julie said...

Carissa I loved seeing this pictures!! I think I got scared all over again just seeing a picture of the ferris wheel. ha ha. Hope you guys had a great trip, because I really loved seeing you and hope it won't be so long til the next time!

Grace Hart said...

Carissa! I can't believe it, this is my first comment on a blog (I almost said post but Jeff corrected me- apparently I'm not up to date on my "blog lingo" haha)!I miss you already! Loved the pics! I still need to post mine and put some up on facebook! Yes we'll have to start planning next year...

Matt and Karyna Bouslog said...

I love that you did take a pic of those toliets, haha. Glad you had a good time. It was fun to get to know you a lil' better ;) If you still want our blog address just click on our name n it should take you there.