Thursday, July 9, 2009

our 4th of July

Our fourth of July was full of family fun...only not our family! We spent it with some families we met that day and ended up having a blast! Since neither Ty nor I really know anyone up here, we were blessed to have a random connection to my cousin's old boyfriend's parents. (just try and figure that one out) They're both on missions right now and hence not dating. They heard we were moving up here and invited us for their 4th of July BBQ in Kirkland. We brought a Salmon to grill from our trip to Alaska and a salad to share. Everything was amazingly yummy. Even though we didn't know anyone it was fun to share stories and reminisce with all the now empty nesters:) After a BBQ we drove over to a neighbor's house on the Lake to watch the fireworks.

view from the covered patio

all the boats on Lake Washington to watch the fireworks
we were laying down watching them for this one...

It took so long afterwards to get back home that we decided not to do any fireworks of our own...and we actually didn't buy any because most of King County has outlawed fireworks. Where we actually live is unincorporated so we could've done some if we wanted, but I was just fine letting other people blow them up!

It was our first 4th being together! Last 4th of July we were engaged and I was in Colorado and Ty was in Utah! We were glad that we were able to spend it together, even though we wished we were with our families.

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Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

I love the fourth of July!!! How amazing to watch fireworks over the water! Seattle sounds like a great place to live.... hmmm