Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a blast this weekend, but unfortunately, only one picture to show from it! Here it is:)
Yes, those are our legs and that is the beach...of Lake Sammamish. We have been planning on doing so many fun adventures while we're here in the great Pac West, but by the time it gets to Saturday we are so dang worn out from the busy week that we want to just relax and get stuff done we couldn't during the week. (I usually have sewing to do). Well, this weekend we decided to do our relaxing in our swim suits. It was soo fun to lay out on the beach and then swim in the WARM water. We stayed for a couple hours and should have remembered sunscreen. I didn't burn, but Ty did. Here's an after picture of his so very red bellyPoor guy. Stomach hasn't seen the sun in a couple years. But, we are going to go out somewhere next weekend too! I can't believe how time flies and we will be done here too soon. I love living here. It is so green and beautiful, serene and picturesque too.

After the beach we headed straight down to Portland to visit Ty's old roommate, Jeff Chambers. He flew in to visit his family from New York and so we drove the 3 hours to see him. We had this great picnic right on the river waterfront and watched this guy in the park do Tai Chi (actually we assume it was that because he was shirtless and was waving his arms like a lion tamer) Then we went to church Sunday with them and then drove home. It is still a beautiful 75 degrees and cloudless...What a perfect weekend!

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