Saturday, August 8, 2009


I am lonely...So many days without my wonderful, amazing, sexy, thoughtful husband. Being alone this summer isn't all so new for me because I work at home from my computer all day by myself, but it's completely different when I have no one to wake up to and no one to see before I go to sleep. After a year it's amazing how accustomed I have become to always being with him and can't function without him. I have watched: PS. I Love You, Julie and Julia, He's just not that into you, hours of What Not to Wear, and the history channel. I finished Breaking Dawn and have started a good book called The Moonstone. All this, and worked during the day. It's amazing how much time I have to waste:) I am working on a sewing project that I do while watching movies, so it's a little productive right? I would never recommend watching PS. I Love you when your husband is away because it makes it even more real...I sobbed through the whole thing. Julie and Julia was cute! and I hated He's just not that into you. I just can't stand how the world has made marriage seem so unattractive--I have never been more happy in my life. The reason so many people get hurt in relationships is because they're looking for the wrong thing! I am so surprised at how many girls are willing to give of themselves to someone who is disrespectful, demeaning, crass and rude just because he's good looking. No wonder they're not happy! And guys will find if they can be patient and understanding, his girl will do anything and go anywhere for him! How could he not be happy with that?

But I'd better get off my soap box because then no one will ever read this post...I have a habit of being quite opinionated. :)

In a few short words...I miss Tyler. I mean, how can you resist someone with a face like this?


Elyse said...

So cute...I know what you mean! Any day I'm away from Andrew I don't know what to do with myself! But, that's how it'll be in a few years. Bleh. I'm sorry you're lonely though! And YES we need to hang out. When are you coming down? Please ASAP!

emoulton said...

You should have called me....I know I'm not really a replacement for Tyler, but I could try!

Kjell Crowe said...

If Kasia doesn't wear the helmet, she ends up with a misshapen head.

It's purely for cosmetic purposes. We really weighed our options and thought it would fix it on its own, but we don't want to look back in 5 years and regret NOT doing it. Plus, little kids are mean to each other and who knows if she would get teased later on. It wouldn't be that noticeable because of her hair, but as a parent you want to make sure things go well for your child. I don't know if anything could medically go wrong if she never got it fixed though. It doesn't sound like it would and the doctor didn't suggest anything of the sort.