Monday, November 1, 2010

Eliza trying to talk

well my baby is 2 months old now! at her 2 month check up she weighed 8lbs 14oz and was 21" long. She's still in the <5%, but she's gained 3 lbs since birth, which to me makes her seem like a chunk:) haha. Here is her adorable 2 month picture
I saw the cute idea to do her pictures like this here. It is WAAY easier than the way I was doing it before. *you know the whole iron on appliques...

We also captured her trying to tell us what wonderful parents we are and how she loves us so much. I've included the video for your viewing pleasure. She is getting better at sleeping at night, I can feed her and put her right back to bed. Experts say babies can start to sleep through the night once they're 10 lbs. Come on Eliza, GROW!!! I am adjusting to getting up two or three times, but I am excited for those uninterrupted stretches of 6+ hours.

Other stuff we've been up to (and so I don't bore you with just baby posts)
*painting Tim and Kristin's room and Ashlyn's room in preparing for baby Prusse #4
*returning to dance, teaching and training
*planning my new color schemes for our new apt (for whenever we move:))
*Grandbaby #2 on my side and it's a GIRL
*Orchestra at Temple Square concert
*Ryan Shupe and the RUbberbands concert
*Eliza's first trip to the movie theater to see Despicable Me ($1 theater of course)
*Many episodes of NCIS
*My bday celebration at Shoots, Park City and the Zermatt
*Carving pumpkins
*Volunteering for and supporting our friends the Teemants and his battle through cancer. (Register to run a 5k at that website. It's a fun run on Nov 13)
*starting to get more sleep at night!
*getting back into sewing and doing some baby projects for the cousins (pics and info to come)
*trying to blog again?


merrilykaroly said...

that is SUCH a good idea! I have seen the onesies with the month numbers on them, but I never thought of just photoshopping the number on! talk about easier and cheaper!

I love Daddy's giggles in that video. you can just tell she is so loved. :)

do you guys like Ryan Shupe? He's my hubby's favorite, and I like him too...

Chelsea and Michael said...

Wow that is a little more than what Cailyn weighed at birth! Eliza is a Beauty!