Sunday, November 14, 2010

can't believe it

My baby is growing!! She has transitioned into size 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers!! anyone else feel like these are the hardest times for mom because it is reality staring in your face--she won't stay little forever. We had an FHE a couple weeks ago and Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ralph's and Eliza met little Celia Rasmussen for the first time:

Don't they look similar? Eliza is a little more aware than her 10 day old cousin...
Last weekend my bffff and old roommate Grace came and visited Eliza for the first time also. We did lots of fun things, but somehow these are the only pictures I snapped. Probably because we were too busy making hair clips, eating yummy food and chatting.

I should have sucked my stomach in more! UGH. I can't wait until that little pooch is gone, which for you non-believers out there, it WILL BE. That is a work in progress and although it is a major concern, I know it won't happen overnight.
We've had a slew of visitors lately, maybe that's why I'm soo exhausted, or it's because I worked like crazy to get all my Christmas shopping done (DONE YESTERDAY BTW), or because Eliza started sleeping through the night (HALLELUIA!!!!!) and my body is in recovery mode from the last 2 1/2 months of deprivation. Anyway, my famous MoM with her first and only gbaby

(Wearing the Happy GrandMother's Day shirt I made her)

I couldn't resist snapping some pics of me too and boy do I look haggard. It could have been that that morning was the 5K for the Teemants and I had had a pretty busy week to say the least. Good news is that we raised over $15G's. yahoo.
Tyler trying to take Eliza to school...I just had to put this one in here!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I've ever seen you look haggard, but I know most people are their own worst critic! I love the picture of Eliza in the backpack. neal loves to put Addison in random things/places too. It is so funny!

Ben and Ash Rasmussen said...

Carissa, you look great! I don't know what pooch you're talking about, but you look so awesome. It's hard to have so many changes to the body after pregnancy. But you're looking beautiful. That little girl is a doll! She and little Cecilia definitely have a close look! Hope you're doing well!

Davis and Laura said...

cuteness galore! enjoy each and every moment, find laughter in everything they do and don't take a moment for granted! that's my motherly advice! :)

The Browns said...

Looks like you are all doing well (and you DO look great! Your princess is so beautiful! :)

Grace Hart said...

I can't believe I never commented on this! I guess I've been blogger mia longer than I thought :) I of course had a great time seeing you and cute Eliza and you are such an amazing mom! You make being a new mom look good and easy. Love u!