Monday, August 2, 2010

Rasmussen Family Reunion

Last week was a huge Rasmussen family reunion. Just for a quick rundown of those who don't know what going to a big family reunion is like: 4 generations of pure madness.

1 generation: 2 (grandmother and granddad who passed away)
2 generation: 12 (6 kids and their spouses)
3 generation: 38 (plus 21 more of their spouses)
4 generation: 56 (and 5 more on the way)
Total: 108 Rasmussens
Total who attended the reunion: 124

I would say that's a big group. We all met up at this beautiful location

While some people did this


I watched. 
Tyler golfed.
We ate...and ate...and here's the only pics snapped of me
attractive no? haha. 

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