Friday, August 13, 2010

The Nursery

I know you all can't wait for these pictures so without further ado...
here are some of the pictures I used for inspiration for the nursery

and here is my result:
I could do a cost by cost analysis to show you exactly how much I spent on every item...I just love the color pallet of pink and yellow and how it all turned out. Since I made almost everything, I was able to get an exact look and match on almost everything. There were a couple splurges however:
Duvet Cover and Shams: $30 (made using yellow flat sheets from Walmart)
Pink pillows on bed: $1 (made using gingham fabric from Walmart and some pillow forms I already had. the bows are extra pink ties I made for the basket liners from pink fabric from Walmart.
Total to make all 10 ties for baskets and pillows: $3 (fabric from walmart)
10 white Basket liners: $3 (made using a twin flat sheet from walmart. the other baskets and liners are in the bathroom and closet since you can only see 3 here)
10 black baskets: $10 from the dollar store (only used 3 in bedroom)
Boppy Pillow: gift
Curtains: $9 clearance from Walmart (tie backs are some scrap ribbon)
Baby quilt on pack and play: gift
Pack and play, dresser, and bed: on loan from in-laws while we live here:)
Glider and ottoman: $20 off KSL and $12 for fabric to recushion
Glider pillowcase: $4 (cost of fabric, sequins and embroidery thread)
Pillow for glider: $3 travel pillow from walmart
Embroidery Hoops and Fabric for art: $12 from Hobby Lobby
"E"s: $2.29 plus cost of spray paint I used on lamp also
Lamp base: free
Lamp shade and halo kit: $6.75
Changing Pad: gift from Babies R US
Changing Pad cover: gift from Target
Daisy hooks: free plus $0.25 for paper to decopage
Liberty of London picture frame: $2.50
Storage bins and stereo: used from college days

Let's see, that makes the grand total: $137.79 approximately!!!
phew. I am quite proud of my handiwork and would love any of your comments. I have spent many hours on this room because I wanted a look I could take with us to our own house when we move next summer.

Other news is that we took some maternity photos this week (36) and as soon as I get some I will post...thanks to my friend Patrea:)

Also, I'm on limited physical activity (aka at home bedrest) for the rest of my pregnancy--what do I do? I can only read and watch TV so much!


Julie said...

So... what's the E stand for??? Are you announcing the name yet? I can think of several "E" girl names that I love. Emma, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ella, Estelle, Eliza, etc. etc. etc.

Momza said...

Beautiful! Every little detail! love the colors, the fabrics, all of it!
Hope you're feeling exceptional, and getting the rest you need!
Drink lots of water and practice breathing and relaxing thru those early ctx.! Little "E" will be here before you know it!!

Ben and Camille said...

wow, amazing! good job!! wish i were more like you:)

The Browns said...

It all looks so good! You did a GREAT job! I am sure you can not wait to have her here now! :)

tracie said...

I LOVE the wall circles with the letter E!!

Anne said...

I think the room looks awesome! Great job. Do you knit or crochet? If not, you could learn and make lots of booties : )

Shelly & Brandon said...

SOO So cute, you did a great job! It was refreashing to see something different!! Love it! How come you are on bedrest?

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

I love it! you did such an awesome job! love, love, love, love, love,love, love it!!!! if you get bored on bedrest, call or email..... :-)

Ben and Ash Rasmussen said...

Adorable! I love it. That little girl is going to be in heaven. Can Nate and I come visit you? I'm sure he'd love to come and try to talk to his 'cousin' before she gets here!

Yulia Phelps said...

Beautiful! I love the bed spread and pillows. You are so talented. Glider is amazing too. Love it all.

maggie-t said...

Why are you on bed rest???

The nursery looks AMAZING! I am so impressed. I can't believe you did that all for just over $120. You are so talented. It will be so nice to bring your baby home to a place like that :) It will be perfect.

Can't wait to see your pregnancy pics!!

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting to see these pictures! I LOVE that quilt, it is beautiful! You did a great job with everything.

As for bedrest activities, I blogged (obviously), Neal and I wrote letters to the baby, wrote holographic wills (not fun, but important), played soduku, wrote letters to long-lost friends. I also got into a couple of series that were on DVD, which helped the time go faster. Good're almost there!!