Thursday, May 3, 2012


Coming home from a vacation. With no pictures because your phone which you brought just so you could use its camera since your point and shoot got stolen from the diaper bag and you didn't want to bring your DSLR died. Yes, that's a run on sentence. Sometimes that's all life seems to be is to keep running on and good things and bad things run into each other so that it becomes hard to tell whether it's a good day or a bad one. Like this morning, I take the car into to get the safety and emissions inspection for the annual registration and get the oil changed then go to the bank to deposit the left over money from the vacation (we only spent $25 of our cash, wha what?) and while I'm leaning into my small little Honda trying to unbuckle my child a lady proceeds to chew me out for letting my car door touch hers. I ignore her knowing if I say something it will be not very nice. Since her car is over the parking line and mine is parked perfectly in the middle of the two yellow lines and the door is leaning against her wheel since she has an SUV and I have a small little sedan, but nope, I kept my mouth shut and just sauntered into the store determined not to let her foul my mood. The bank doesn't have the DumDums for Eliza that I promised her for being good while running errands and thankfully she doesn't throw a fit but gratefully accepts the sticker instead. As soon as we get outside the wind blows it away and we are chasing after it because heaven knows we can't lose our brand new marketing-compensating for not having DumDums-sticker. I drive to Wal-Mart to pick up some more diapers because we are on our last one after a rough post travel diarrhea stint and proceed to lock my keys in the car. This has only happened to me twice in my WHOLE LIFE. Of course Eliza is yelling in my ear distracting me and I'm in Tyler's car so I have to lock it before I close the door. wham bam thank you ma'am. I run inside and get those blasted diapers and call the police to come help me out. It's lunch time and Eliza is trying to run around the parking lot and I try to distract her with the promise of chicken nuggets. We make it home before she falls asleep and we gobble down lunch and I decide that running 4 miles during her nap is not a good idea.

Who knew my life would be so up and down. Having kids is hard.

Now for the imaginary picture journey of our cruise:

Vacations are awesome. Beaches are relaxing and fun. We bury Eliza in the sand up to her waist and she looks so adorable in her little blue ruffle halter swim suit and hat and sunglasses. When I try to take a pic she either ignores me or does a very cheesy grin.

Tyler buries my feet and then proceeds to make my feet bumps look like boobs.

We see Minnie and Eliza goes wild.

We see Mickey and Eliza goes crazy.

We see Pluto and Eliza starts barking and pointing and yelling.

Do you see a theme here?

We play in the splash pool with our beach toys and make new friends with the other non-potty trained babies who aren't allowed in the big pools. Including a mom and her baby who live in Cabo and a couple who are Brazilian who live in Canada and Tyler and he exchange business cards...I talk potty-training.

We eat ourselves 10lbs heavier on the all you can eat chicken fingers, shrimp, and steak. (I'm still sticking to my no chocolate, cheese and anything good diet;()

We take a big group family pic of all 10 adults and 6 kids on the grande staircase.

Eliza sees Minnie and goes wild, etc.

What a Wonderful World.


Laurel & DJ said...

I just had to laugh when I read this post. Sounds like quite the day! I'm sorry I added to one more distraction by talking to you on the phone while you were locking your keys in your car! :) love you both!

llcall said...

That does sound like quite a day! And those types of days definitely seem to become more common with children in tow :)

Jessi said...

whew! man, yeah life is zoo up and down! But I love the creative post that came from it! it sounds like an awesome trip!

Chelsea and Michael said...

Oh Wow! Sorry girl! I have been there. One time I locked my keys while the car was on and it was the second time I had done it in one month! And those were the o;nly two times I have ever done it in my LIFE! You will look back and laugh. :)

Unknown said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I was wondering if you could email me directions to the water slide from your vacation in Colorado. I work two jobs and was looking for something to do with my kids July 4th. My private email is Thanks