Thursday, April 19, 2012


We loved surprising eliza with an easter basket and and new dress. She loved hunting for eggs and I of course took a video which I'm sure everyone will want to watch...just kidding.

We have been loving the warmer weather and playing outside, but the rainy days have been driving me crazy. Eliza goes through and opens everything! I can't leave her alone for a second.

This morning I come out of the bathroom and Find that eliza had proceeded to dump shampoo all over the tv table ruining a couple books in the process. It wasn't even 8:00AM! Then we tried painting and she fell off the chair. It's like a big countdown until nap time when the house (and me) get a break only for her to wake up and we survive until bedtime.

I'm only staying sane by training hard for a relay race on May 12 down in Moab. I can't wait!

The past year I've been suffering from chronic migraines and the last couple weeks I've been on a special diet that consists of no cheese, chocolate, bbq, deli meat, sugar substitutes, and artificial sweeteners. For me, the hardest is cheese and diet coke. Ok, and chocolate too:-)  I'm running out of ideas for recipes and lunches without cheese. I've been cutting down my preservatives too which has ben quite difficult.
The good part is that it is helping.

things have been happy though:-) sunday we take off for a week in mexico.

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llcall said...

Sorry to hear about the migraines -- I never had one in my life until just a few years ago, and man, they are tough! Enjoy your vacation!!