Monday, April 4, 2011

My seven month old

Some of the names Eliza is known by these days:
Small Tiny
Tiny Dancer
Small One

We've had quite a big month starting solids and loving baths...Rolling over and Sitting up...starting to teethe...hopefully that's what it is that keeps this runny nose returning...and of course, more worries from the docs about her small size.

She weighed in at 12lbs 11oz, which is a pound bigger than last month. Her doc said to keep it up whatever it was I was doing...I'll tell you why she's gaining weight so much, she's up every 2 hours in the night! It has been a hard 2 months. She has some residual fluid in her left ear that is causing her A LOT of discomfort, but because it's not infected, BYU won't recommend her to see an ENT for another month. I am at the end of my line here people. Thankfully, a blessed bro-in-law is an admin of an ENT group and got me some drops  that are supposed to help clear it up. of course if it doesn't and it's the end of April, then chances are she will get tubes. At this point I really just want her sleeping again so we both aren't so miserable.

On a very positive note, she has adapted to solids quite well. We've tried all the #1 foods (almost) and of course she favors the bananas, apples, and pears to the squash, peas and carrots. However, she does eat them very well. We are starting 2 a dayers, and I am learning not to get her dressed until AFTER she eats breakfast. These baby foods are hard on her clothes!

I can't believe how sudden it is that she went from not rolling over or sitting up to doing both so well. It was like in a matter of days too. We are practicing getting up on our hands and knees and also rolling from back to stomach. I'm pretty sure it will be awhile before that happens. She is very square and has to work extra hard to turn her legs to the side. I blame the fact that she's the size of a 3 month old...

Another fun adventure this month was visiting our new little cousins/nieces. My sister and sister in law had their babies the same week. Little Elyse and Little Isla. We are so excited to have so many girl cousins the same age. If only we can keep up this same pattern...
Baby Isla Garlock

Baby Elyse Angus

Isla lives close by so we saw her in the hospital, but little Elyse lives in Idaho so we took a little weekend trip to Driggs to see her. I took some adorable baby pics, so without further ado, here are some pics of the babes and our vacay. (ok, mostly of my baby...but who's counting?)

I was going to include these in a separate post, but why not include them here in this massive post?

 There, all done I think with our update. I really can't believe Eliza is getting so big. We have a fun next couple of and moving and graduation. Wish us luck!

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Grace Hart said...

She is growing up so fast and so adorable! Good luck with your exciting next couple of months! Love ya!