Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Liza and I got to go to Disneyland last week! We had a blast...

I am much better at taking photos than narrating, but I will try to tell about our trip through pics (I took probably 1000). oh, and poor daddy had to stay home to finish up classes:(

Little Tiny was a fabulous traveler. We did stop a couple times for some stretching

And crawling in the grass.
We got to Palm Springs and loved the pool

and the toys
We went to Disneyland

Rode lots of rides

Stopped for a rest or two
and took some photos with the aunt/uncle and grandparents

Loved her stroller

mostly the straps...
and mom and jenna took some photos too

we did think of daddy while on our trip
and took this photo at a place we ate lunch in Palm Springs.
All in All it was a great trip. Thankfully tiny small saved teething for before and after the trip and was a great little angel during it!


Grace Hart said...

Looks like you had fun! Eliza is so adorable- loved all the pics. Now you need to post about your new car!

Anonymous said...

So jealous...I LOVE Disneyland. And I'm pretty sure I know right where that rest stop is, considering I've driven the UT to CA trek about a bazillion times!