Friday, January 21, 2011

Let the good times roll

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted, I mean I still had a Christmas background! Goodness, well Tyler has started back at school and got a research position where he works 10 hrs a week. I am so glad to have a little money coming in. I am still teaching dance, but only once a week and I'm doing a little sewing on the side, but so far that hasn't moved very fast...We just need to hang on until May when Tyler starts back up at Ernst and Young.
Some fun stuff we've been up to:
Tyler is coaching Brennan's Jr Jazz basketball team named the Battle Stags

Tyler is also playing intramural bball at BYU; a bunch of his buddies made up a team of ISYS master's guys--all married and most with kids:) Last night was their first game and thankfully they dominated of course since they have more wisdom and prowess being all in their late 20s. They beat a freshman team. Eliza was a great cheerleader

I have signed up to take a photoshop class...heavens knows I need it:) As I was taking these photos I got so excited thinking about what I could possibly do. I have a very willing model:) 
On the flip side of cool things that have gone on, I got a bad bad cold on Monday--sneezy, coughy, sore throat--Thankfully it was only a couple days, due to a great blessing and good old medicine. Eliza rewarded us with 3 nights this week of 8hr stretches at night. Just when I think it's a pattern that will continue she goes only 5. haha. But I really can't complain because she usually sleeps in until 10 or 10:30. During her bath last night I tried to get rid of her cradle cap using some olive oil(has anyone else heard of this strategy?) and today her hair is nice and stringy. (of course I washed it after!) It seemed to have worked a little. She also has these rough patches of skin on her calves, elbows and shoulders that appear to be excema...I'm using eucerin and aquafor and hoping that it helps since treatment for excema is really expensive. Maybe when we have good insurance again I can go for that treatment (dang it BYU).
Also question, did anyone else get monthly visits while nursing?

On January 11, our new little cousin Brielle Ann was born and Eliza loved not being the center of attention...NOT. Her and Ashlyn sure did have fun though

I put her in Brielle's crib for "memory's sake."
I know you get tired of seeing Eliza, so here is beautiful Brielle

7lbs 2 oz
So happy she's here!


Anonymous said...

I started getting my monthly visits (ha! you're funny carissa :) around the 6-month mark even though I was still breastfeeding exclusively. It was actually kind of sad to me, like a symbol that I didn't have a baby baby anymore...I thought it would take longer because I was nursing so much. But then I talked to some friends who got theirs after 2-3 months, so I didn't feel so badly.

Chelsea and Michael said...

For cradles cap I just took the comb I got at the hospital that has tight bristles and I would brush through her hair during her bath to pull out the dead skin. That worked for me, and didn't bother her, though she never had it very bad. For the skin my doctor told me to use a baby wash that has moisture in it and to use a lotion after. He said it didn't need to be expensive just keep her skin from drying out. That works great for us! Oh, and she is ADORABLE and so big! I can't wait for our girls to meet. Oh, and my monthly visits came at 2 months and stayed ever since even when I was nursing full time... I was so bummed!

Chelsea and Michael said...

When i say she, I meant Eliza not Cailyn... though I do think Cailyn is cute and big too! :)

Ben, Ashley, and Nate said...

Little Eliza is getting so big! Yea, cradle cap seemed to help Nate by scrubbing his head with that sponge during bath time. Hope you're doing well, and we love you guys!

Oh, I have that kit I want to bring by next week!

Rachel and Ben Spiers said...

Gosh, your little one is darling! Love the photos! :) So cute...