Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December 31 = Last day of 2010 and...

Eliza turning 4 months!
Here's her stats:
10lbs 1oz

Yay for buttons:
She loves her bumbo and play mat, she is grabbing for everything and putting it in her mouth
Bath time is Awesome
Starting to put her legs up to start to roll over
3 Naps a day
Look at that Hair! We put the top in a little pig tail over break

Sad day for us:
Stopped taking a binky
Started waking up twice at night

As you can see, she's a HAPPY BABY! we are still working on getting the whole bed/nap schedule down...but we dedicated Christmas break to it and we have figured out she likes to sleep from 9pm-2am or 3am, then utnil 6am and then until 9am with a nap at 10am-11am, 2pm, and 5pm. Those are rough estimates-- we are also working on having her put herself to sleep--today was the first day we put her in her crib and walked away for nap time and the first nap she went down without a fuss and the second one she cried for like 10 mins but then went to sleep. Halleluiah. This is great for us because then we won't have to spend forever helping her to fall asleep and then having her wake up and starting all over again. For the record however, she really is a good sleeper and rarely fusses at all unless she's hungry or tired. I've been really frustrated that she stopped taking a binky, even though she never was very good at taking one, so this is big for her to learn to self-soothe to sleep without anything (because I can't be the paci all the time)

Ok, well enough on the baby log...thanks everyone for your input on techniques on helping baby sleep well...

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Grace Hart said...

I just can't believe how much I think she looks like you!