Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July, kinda

I know a lot of you know about Utah's Stadium of Fire they do for the 4th each year and well, I've never really been that big of a fan because how much cooler can the fireworks be from the stadium? and is it really worth the buckos? Well, this year, due to an unfortunate event (something to do with a diabetic FIL and forgetting who his kids were and a quick and uneventful trip to the ER), Tyler and I got to go in place of his parents.
See how excited we are:) I don't really listen to country or watch American Idol and I don't really stay up on pop culture so I hadn't heard Carrie Underwood before but she definitely didn't disappoint. In fact, I think I might start listening to her...I started writing a whole spiel about pop culture and my opinions, but decided that I would scrap it and do less talking and more pictures:)

This one I know you all want to see! Me at 30 weeks.
Oh, and aren't those shorts I'm wearing in the pic so cute?? They're from that Heidi Klum line at Motherhood Maternity. I don't know why people knock maternity clothes so much, all the pieces that I have that are maternity are AWESOME! So far that's some jeans from Old Navy and a pair of jean capris, a skirt and these shorts. I already had to get all new tops because they stopped fitting in the beginning of the second trimester but of course I didn't have a belly so I just bought bigger shirts that could stretch for when I got a belly and it's been working great. I didn't like doing the rubberband around the button on my regular jeans because it just made my pants fall down or I'd get very bad plumber's pants. I just bought maternity pants in the size smaller than what I wear normally and they fit much better. Leggings are also the best solution for maternity inbetweenness!

Contrary to what the picture suggests I don't suffer from back pain thankfully! I will reiterate again and again the power of yoga, stretching, and walking/running. Of course I get tired more easily but no bad aches and pains to speak of.

We've moved back to Provo into Tyler's parents house (thanks M&D) and I've been diligently finishing projects and working on the baby's room. Like recovering the old carseat to use as a travel seat
Don't mind the fact that the straps aren't in there yet...I do have them:) And the cute cover to go over it

Well that's all for now folks and I am almost finished with the baby's room so I'll post pics of that too!


Jessica said...

carrie underwood is one of my favorite singers! YOu need to listen to the song "I told you so." its beautifully written both in music and lyrics.... her newest song, I hate though- too cliche and predictable. "my temporary home" you didn't mention, did the fireworks end up being worth it? - jessi

Grace Hart said...

So fun! I love Stadium of Fire! And you look simply amazing I must say :)