Tuesday, May 4, 2010

San Francisco

Get ready for a really long post of lots of pictures.

Tyler and I spent the last week in California for work/personal vacation fun! he had training in Palo Alto the M-F and then we took off early Friday afternoon for San Francisco. We got a new camera for the trip (and in preparation for little Buttons--our affectionate nickname for the baby--) and I tried to take lots of pictures, even a video that we tested out, at night, on a boat...Without further ado here they are:
Ok well this isn't from our trip, but I had to include this awesome pic of my BIL with a straw hat on his head. We are all getting VERY excited for Mexico
Ty and I at dinner with some of the Seattle crew

The Seattle Crew

Me in the hotel trying to get a bump shot...but this one really didn't work
Take 2...not so successful either, however, a good view of my butt:)
Our creative TV watching setup--horrible selection of TV stations in hotels so we hook up the computer and stream internet tv/movies...much better on the flat screen then the tiny comp and we can lay in bed

Our Friday afternoon drive to San Francisco
We are driving through a tunnel about to cross the Golden Gate Bridge!!!!

some guys taking funny pictures off to the side...while we wait in more traffic...
here we are as we cross the bridge!!! (thankfully Ty is watching traffic instead of looking at the camera)

beautiful bridge shot
the picture blue skies and bay

We are almost to the other side!!!!
One last shot
We're over the bridge and about to pass through a Rainbow tunnel??? 
The next series of pictures is from our drive through Golden Gate National Park and the Muir Woods. Anyone who doesn't know about the grand coast Redwoods needs to look them up, or just look at our pictures. they are gorgeous and this was one of our FAVORITE parts of our trip

See:) Happy 2 years!
my hottie hub
The rental car
Ok, now we're in the Forest. Shh. 
Haha, jk. had to take one of many many many many bathroom breaks
now we're in the woods. 

The whole time Tyler and I were trying to imagine which forest we were in, The Sherwood, on the quest with Legolas, (or that was me actually), you name it. As you can see from the blurry picture above, I found my hobbit hole
The weather was a perfect 60 degrees and GORGEOUS

Fastforward now from the mountains to the ocean and we went on a little ferry tour to Alcatraz!!! dun, dun, dun
Incredible view of the city
Had to capture it multiple times of course
On the ferry
Way out there in the distance is the Bay Bridge. Also cool
And alas, THE ROCK
and the Bay Bridge again
One more time in the sunset...and then
we're inside!
So the tour is really quite incredible, but definitely OVERPRICED. Afterall, it was notorious prisoners that were incarcerated here and now they are charging innocent people to pay for the high operating costs of keeping those nasty people away from society. 
The ocean view from our hotel. 
 A cute little BIG Victorian mansion we passed on our 30 minute walk to the church building Sunday morning
We were SOO happy to see it. Those of you who have visited San Fran know that walking anywhere is a challenge because there are blasted steep hills everywhere! My calves are still sore...we basically ran to church to try and make the 9:00 sacrament meeting so we could catch our flight in the afternoon. Not an easy feat seeing as it was 30 minutes of walking up huge hills. And, did I mention, I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant and lots of walking/sitting causes immense bladder discomfort? I almost cried when we finally saw this beautiful chapel. 
And to top it off, beautiful cala lilies greeted us. One of my favorite flowers.

Well, that's all folks...besides the 4 hour trip back home later that afternoon--would you believe the cheapest flights are not non-stop? hmmm...

I'm including these pictures for those who want to see my beautiful dress I made Monday morning--it's supposed to fit me when I'm 9 months and big so it's a little baggy and ill-fitting now, but VERY comfortable:)
Beautiful handiwork--my first time working with knit and my machine handled it wonderfully. I can't wait to do some more dresses. This my friends was an hour and a half of labor and cost me about $5. Who said maternity clothes had to be expensive?

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