Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I've been up to lately

Here is the only picture I have of our Christmas festivities:

(Tyler, me, Dad, Mom, Erin and Nate)
We went on a triple date up to the Denver temple and then out to eat at our favorite family restaurant Olive Garden. It was Erin and Nate's last day with our family before they headed up to Boulder. I wish I were good at telling a good story of great Christmas fun, but I'm afraid I would be too boring describing the family excitement while opening presents. It's ok though because I know everyone's Christmas is the best Christmas and who wants to read all about others' Christmases anyway?? I just like to look at pictures and I didn't even take any. I did make some aprons for my sisters and snapped a photo of those:

(Laurel, Heather, and Rachel, Erin not pictured)
So there's my boring report of our vacation...actually I'm still vacationing...until JANUARY 8TH!! I know, lucky me. I love Cold Colorado and all the beautiful sights. Including our family tradition to visit Seven Falls

(Picture of us in front to come...)
I think the best present I got for Christmas was a trip to Arizona in March to see my bestie roomie Grace
Tyler also surprised me with tickets to see the Ballet Swan Lake put on by Ballet West in February and a new Food Processor!!! Can you believe how thoughtful he was! I know most people would think ballet was punishment, but not me!!!


Grace Hart said...

Yay best present ever! I started working on the guest room for you tonight, I've been planning to revamp it and you give me the perfect reason to get started!

P.S. I love the aprons!

maggie-t said...

what a fun Christmas!!! Do you still teach ballet? How is Tyler liking E&Y?

Arica said...

we LOOOOVE olive garden.. let's grab our goofy husbands and go sometime. (: