Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We're MOVING!!!!

This is going to be our HOUSE.



I don't know if you recognized it, but it's the house from Marley and Me. the cute movie featuring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. Tyler and I watched it and fell in love with this house and decided we wanted one just like it.

for the record we are not moving....yet. I just wanted to get your attention

On a good note, here's some family pictures from the great Rasmussen Family

 Tyler and Carissa Rasmussen, Andrew and Elyse Garlock, Mom and Dad, Brennan, Jenna, Tim, Kristin, Jace, Braxton and Ashlyn Prusse
 Me and Tyler
Don't I have just the most adorable in-laws??
 All the sibs
My niece. Mine, not yours!!



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I was thinking "Shut UP!!" when I was looking at the pictures of "your house." Ha ha. Cute house. Cute family.

maggie-t said...

I was so impressed. I was wondering where in UT you found a house like that.

Jessica said...

Nice house!! when can we come and visit? or live with you? i love your family pics!