Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Here's our Christmas tree:

Just kidding:) that is a beautifully decorated tree in the library at BYU. That is how I would like my tree to be decorated. Really here is our tree
Looking nice all decorated...With the lights on:)

This is not our Christmas tree, but it is Ty's parents. We went over there Sunday night and helped decorate the beautiful tree. I have one more picture to share, and it goes with a story.
I wasn't really sure when his siblings decided to play this trick, but

Tyler was walking around for a very long time with an ornament hanging from his pants. Everyone was laughing hysterically, but so was he!! He had no idea what hit him. It wasn't until I said "honey, don't sit down" that he figured it out. Turns out, this was a joke he used to play on his siblings EVERY Christmas and so this year they decided to get him good. They did!! In the car on the way home, Tyler told me that he didn't even think about doing that to anyone this year...maybe marriage is better than we thought:)


Elyse said...

That was SUCH a funny night. I love my brother--and he found it even funnier than anyone else did! Loving the tree as well, by the way.

Tatum and Chase Rasmussen said...

Thats what Sheree said!! Me and Chase need to come up and hang out with all of you guys! Sheree knows Andrew too so we can all go out! Or maybe you guys should come here, Utah is too cold! haha

Kristin said...

So funny. I remember Tyler doing that all the time. Your tree looks good. Christmas will be so fun : )

brook said...

HAHAHA...ohhhh tyler. that is hilarious. i'm so glad you found me!! merry christmas!

Ben and Ash Rasmussen said...

You cute girl! I love your tree. We can't wait to party in St. George, and I am in need of some sun! Ben got some camping stuff for Christmas, and I think it's an omen of Scouting callings. At least we'll be able to practice beforehand!