Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A little poem for the Newlyweds

Here is the poem we wrote for Elyse and Andrew for their wedding:
Dearest Drewelle:
We drove to California with haste
(remember when dad used to eat paste?)
After these yummy foods we did taste
We're happy to say it wasn't a waste.
As easy it is for Andy's dad to make widgets,
So it shall be for you to make midgets.
Look at all these presents people have brought
Watch for Elyse, she's energetic and runs around a lot.
Gallop off in your car and pack your bag,
Make sure tonight you play lots of tag.
In Elyse's early times she was abused by steers
But she has beautifully mended through the years.
Snogging and Blogging, what more can we say,

Congratulations you two:)


The Browns said...

We are living in Pleasant Grove! How about you?

Kristin said...

I love it...I am sure it was the best thing anyone wrote in their book.

g. lock said...

Ha ha ha! We loved it. Thanks guys.

Drew & Elle (he he)